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    single hooks for snipers

    Owner 7/0 Jobu hook and Owner Hyperwire splits. Caught this 70ish BFT last summer on 60lb leader and a Andros 12N
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    I fished aboard one of the local PV boats last February and the Star was in town fishing the same zones. The first day and a half of fishing sucked for us. Not many fish seen and fewer bites. Before the Star left PV for home, they called us in and gave us all their sardines. The handed over...
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    Phenix rod recommendation

    Phenix Hybrid 7802XH I have mine paired with a Makaira 15T. It fished 60lb perfectly and put a whoopin on a some 50-80lb BFT last year. I'm sure it would handle 80lb in a pinch as well
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    Real world Cedros gear info?

    Can you give a few recommendations on hardbaits and colors? I'm heading down in August 2020 and am starting to buy stickbaits. So far I have a SP minnow laser sardine color and a Megabass MarineGang 140 sardine. What other models and colors do you suggest?
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    I filled it with 80lb Hollow Phenix Hydrabraid. Matched with a 7802XH Hybrid rail rod. I fished a short 6-10ft piece of 60lb Premier for the local bluefin last summer. I went 4/4 on fish up to 65lbs, averaging 15-20mins to gaff.
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    Mak 15T Questions

    Thanks! Angler choice has them in all colors. I'll stop by and grab one next week.
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    Mak 15T Questions

    Anybody know if any SD shops are stocking the 15T now? I'm headed to SD on Monday 11/11 and looking to pick one up. I see Charkbait has them, but they are closed on Mondays
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    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    Badass! Which boat?
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    Overnight charter recommendations

    Looks like the Endevor is headed back down to SD July 2nd. Guess that narrows it down to Mirage or New Hustler?
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    Overnight charter recommendations

    I'll be staying in Pismo the second week of July. I'm looking to make a short trip to Ventura/Oxnard for an overniight trip. I'll be fishing with my elderly father and my 11yo son. I'd really like to put them on their first WSB.. Which boat? Which Skipper?
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    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Good stuff. Always a different/better way to do things.
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    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Have any pictures of the FF and Snipers with Bridled circle hooks? I'm interested...
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    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Seriously! I've landed some nice YT up to 35lb on it. But was worried about line capacity for the tuna. With the 65lb/60lb set up, I pulled hard and stopped that fish dead in it's tracks. I got it to the boat so fast, it was really green and head shaking like crazy before they gaffed it...
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    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Single Owner Jobu 7/0 hook