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    LUND / Aluminum boats - your opinion??

    I had a 1998 16ft lund with the wheel on the starboard side. Had a live well and two 6gal fuel tanks. Had a 50hp on the back. One of the best boats I ever owned. Crossed the Westport bar many times. Wish I still had it.
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    Need a slow pitch rod for my new Valiant BV2-500N

    I have no advice on this, but I setting up the same thing to fish the Yankee Capt. I have been looking at the Okuma Hawaiian jigging rod heavy version. $199. But there are plenty of options.
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    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    Wierd, my Defiance does not have that switch? What year is the boat?
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    Deep water lines West Port Washington

    I would go 60, thinner and 60 is plenty strong. Cuts through the water better, and does not scope out as much during the drift.
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    Deep water lines West Port Washington

    Take your 4/0 it's fine. Use specta its fine to. A pipe jig will work, if you are lucky he will stop in 250 and fish for sand dabs for bait. I'm guessing you not not fish any deeper than 450ft.
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    For Sale 2013 F20 LEA Yamaha outboard (132 hours)

    I just bought one of these in the PNW. That's a good price!
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    Little underwater action

    Just wondering how deep you were? I always thought they were a really deep water species.
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    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    Motor located, and purchased!
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    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    PM's replied. And thanks, but no thanks on the two stroke!
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    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    I recently bought at 12ft Livingston. Fixed the gel coat up, and now I just need a motor. Looking for a 15-20 HP regular shaft motor. Must be tiller, and would prefer electric start. 2008 or newer. Cash in hand for a nice motor!
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    LingCod help westport

    Run north, pretty easy to find some structure. There are some close spots around 6 miles, they are pretty small, and the # are closely guarded. Start looking around 10-12 miles north of the north jetty, 100-115 ft. When you see a big spot of suspended fish, those will be rock fish. Just drop...
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    Question about fishing line

    Depends on target species? And are the fish line shy? 80 to 60, or 80 to 50 is perfect if they will bite that class line. I really like Yozuri pink, but there are a lot of good floro lines, and lots of different prices to go along with it. And I really dislike Vanish, think it's made by...
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    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Good to know. On multiday trips I replace my top shots daily. Thanks for the info.