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    Saltwater Boating out of Ocean Shores?

    Lots of experience here. On a 14ft no problem. Ramp is steep, and falls off at the end. Where the wall ends at the ramp the ramp ends too! DONT go any further! Otherwise just go at mid to high water, and you will be fine. Channel wraps from boat ramp to exit pretty close to rock wall so...
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    Saltwater No pix but it happened at WP

    Sounds like thresher shark to me for sure. Good eating too! Cool story!
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    Wa permits

    Second deer Foster Creek muzzleloader for me, took 7 points for a doe. Put my son in for 11 different hunts, he drew blanks.
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    Drew Early Archery E Side Over 65

    Are they bull tags or cow?
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    Fine tuning an Accurate 500N SPJ

    I have multiple Accurates. It will smooth out. I have been drooling over that reel. I’m using a 500 Tern on my SPR, on the 8ft Temple Reef. Both rod and reel are a work of art. Feels really good in my hands.
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    Middle Grounds bait question for grouper/snapper

    I would take a sabiki rig, hopefully you can catch some kind of bait. Pin fish are good, I believe you can buy them there at the dock. $9 a dozen.
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    Yes, they are still for sale. I’m currently in FL fishing. I will be home middle of April if...

    Yes, they are still for sale. I’m currently in FL fishing. I will be home middle of April if someone wants to come look at them.
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    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    Still in the garage ready to go! TTT
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    Temple Reef Innovate 80MH

    I just bought that rod from Charkbait. $349 with free shipping, it’s the new 2021 white model. I looked all over, only place with free shipping as far as I could tell. I used one of these rods on my last 3 day trip out of Key West on the Yankee Capt. This rod is bad ass!
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    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    I bought these brand new from John’s Sporting Goods in Everett. Fished two seasons and then sold my boat. I had every intention of installing them on my new boat, but have decided I’m only fishing long range trips out of state. Pair of Scotty 1106 extendable booms. Each rigger is fully...
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    Accurate BV2-500NL-SPJ

    Can you tell me what charter or boat this is? I want to go too!