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    kajit has wares , if you have coin

    Interested in the sabre/conolon/roddy lot. PMed you my cell if you wouldn't mind shooting me a few pictures.
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    Purple Glass Ulua - Moon’s Custom

    Is that purple glass or painted? I've seen the purple glass blanks, and they looked quite a bit darker than this.
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    Kencor zebra with daiwa sealine 50shv

    Where are you located?
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    Newell P220-F $200.00

    I'll take it if you're willing to ship. Headed out of town Friday, no way I can get up there before that.
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    Jigstick dump...lower prices.

    PM sent on the Kencor
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    So by closed, does that mean they'll still be searchable/viewable, but posting will be disabled?
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Kind of not wild about classified ads being deleted every 30 days. The old classifieds are probably the best resource on the internet for keeping up with real world values of the weird old gear we all like. Say you stumble across some kind of weird Kencor or Conolon or whatever for sale, there...
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    Okuma Cedros 10 & 12 Star Drags

    Bumpity bump. Still looking for a 10.
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    Small surface iron rod. What do you use?

    Haven't seen anyone mention Seeker Tac-90 or Hercules 90H. I pair the Tac-90 with the smaller Avets, and the Herc with the Lexa/Komodo 400s. Both rods have lots of backbone, plenty for decent yellows, but enough tip to really whip the light stuff way out there. If you're just messing with...
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    Okuma Cedros 10 & 12 Star Drags

    Title says it all. Willing to exchange United States legal tender (or maybe trade some stuff) for a Cedros 10 or 12 star. Let me know what you got.
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    Newell NL332-5 -$200

    I'll take the 500 Sent you a PM
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    Looking for Levelwinds , Baitcasters , Swimbait Rods

    Could you shoot me a couple pics of the Newell? I've got some stuff laying around you might be interested in.