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    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Very cool. Thanks for posting.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    The time is coming up fast for our trip out in the Pacific. I pray we have flat sea's and lots of fish to catch. I have 3 more weekends off before the trip to get my stuff together counting this one. I slipped on a piece of bacon fat at work a week ago and tried to stick my right foot up my ass...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    oh bullshit Huckey. I eat them Tranx for breakfast. I'll show you what I get when I get out there. You're going to be singing the blues.......................
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Well guys and gals its getting closer and closer to our annual trip. Since the 80's going out in the GOM I carry a tackle tool box with me...and I still do. My tools may be the Harbor Freight grade of tools but they still work. Several times on a trip someone needs a torx driver, or a metric or...
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    RR3 5 day report

    Thanks for the report. Tex.
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    Split rings and pliers

    I agree Huckey. I have both the Texas Tackle in large and XL as well as the HPA's. The HPA's are awesome.
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    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    But David. Me being a novice. Meaning I've never caught a fish over 100#'s unlike you veterans that catch fish over 200#'s...I don't have the experience or trust in my knots over 100# test. I defer to using my Nicopress crimpers/swaggers. Yes. I've had Mr. Pappas re-set my 33V-CGB4 swaggers. I...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Dam this long range fishing. It's like drugs. After I retire, hopefully, I plan on doing 2 - 10 day trips maybe back to back, then a 16 day trip. 10 days a year is not enough. I made best friends for life on my first trip back in 2014. Yes. Danny, Bart, Lou, Ric, Stan, John, Ed, Mike, Herman...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Whatever gave you idea??:rockin::ele::lux::git::drool:
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Maybe one of these days I can invest more $ in artificials for yellow tail and wahoo. I have 6 bombs, 3 raiders, and some other iron. I only get to fish 1 time a year therefore I don't get the "luxury" of trying different artificials. I usually stick to bait. Maybe one of these days we will have...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Uhhh. Riding with you. Well. Ok. I guess. I have it here in my logbook that on 9-23-17 on a Saturday afternoon you picked up me, Bart, and Mark. We were headed out to eat supper. We no more than left the Ramada when some dude cut us off. Bart was riding shotgun. He rolls down the window and...
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    Out of Country Health Insurance

    Thanks Steve. That's good information. I buy travel insurance every year...but to me what they charge is too much. I will check with Dawson this year. Tex.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Back to the top. I took a few days off, pulled all the top shots that were on my reels; re-filled them, set the drags (on my lever drags) will set the star drags once on the boat; made up a bunch of wahoo leaders; used a 20 turn Albright knot on my rigs up to 60#'s; 80# used a 15 turn; then a FG...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Dam. My computer or the operator is jacked up. Hi Bart. Hi Danny. We need to go to Squidco and help me buy a couple of jigs for yellowtail before the trip. This will be our 5th trip this year and I have of yet to catch a yellowtail on an artificial. Tex.