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    Black Mouths Matter

    its over...for me this is the equiv of day after rose more college football. last one in the net yesterday...ocean salmon is over. sniffle
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    Longfins yet?

    ps we are 15 miles further in that the regular coast up north.
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    Longfins yet?

    I saw some come in yesterday at brookings. 70 miles out. peanuts.
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    40" Guide Posts for 21' boat too small?

    make bunks. only way to go solo. the boards are 2x6 not 2.4 btw. I use cedar - no rot and lighter than p/t fir. do not use home depot outdoor carpet. get bunk carpet sold by marine has better backing as not designed to be glued. also it comes in correct widths for the boards with...
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    Poor Man's 175HW for open water searching?

    I have the 175hw on my 21ft boat. Have no issues. It holds bottom at 20-25 mph ( fast as I go) up to 350ft ( deep as I go). it is normal size and not huge like the 175. I pick out salmon 250-300 ft deep. 5 stars from me. The other plus is it uses the same airmar mount as their lesser ducers so...
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    It all makes sense now! I have heard similar stories from nurses in Oregon.fucking scam.
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    T Top Windshield

    you will hate that thing unless you want to run with 20/40 vision. the best t-top windshield I had was one I made out of lexan. it folded via acrylic hinge. bottom 2/3 fixed and top 1/3 folded down (approx) This way when you needed to see well or wanted fresh air just fold down the top part. In...
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    one of my close friends worked for diplomatic protection service aka blackwater back in the day. his team did all the close protection on politicians visiting kabul. he said the absolute dirtiest smelly one was hillary! the biggest condescending prick of all was john kerry. when kerry left...
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    When/if biden's VP takes over to be President in due course, I wonder where these kind of jackasses are going to run and hide once reality sets in? oh and does anyone actually think that the taliban, of all people, needed extra motivation to want to kill us troops on their soil?
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    Boat transport lead

    call rv dealers in boise. There are retired guys with 3/4-1 ton diesel trucks who deliver rv's for dealers and move rv for people who dont want to tow them. But I bet you will be surprised at how much they will charge. Best to find someone local with a 1/2 ton truck/suv to make the run for you...
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    Suzuki df350

    good luck on your adventure
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    Suzuki df350

    I think running 35mph in the inlets can get you in more trouble than anything else! Dont they still raft logs up there?
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    Longfins yet?

    You see this map? if you want better chance to fish around like kind then stick in the shaded area! The port of charleston at coos-bay is a big ship deep water bar and usually the tuna are only around 20 miles out when they are in closer. Popular tuna port and getting more popular as this...
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    Suzuki df350

    Only lituya bay I can find is in se alaska in the middle of nowhere with no towns/ports remotely close. must be another somewhere