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    I second the recommendation for the 7' 6" GP Predator. 60# is the sweet spot in my opinion. Whatever you pick you will be smiling when the big bluefin hits the deck. Have fun.
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    Temporary Import Permit???

    Michelle is fantastic but it is costly. If you have the original TIP I believe it follows the boat. the previous owner of my boat was unable to locate so I used Michelle to work with the authorities in Ensenada to cancel and reissue. Good luck
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    Covid-19 and an FMM

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    Covid-19 and an FMM

    Which FMM link did you use. I can't find one that works? Thank you,
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    WTB Blackwater flurocarbon

    Check out the new Aftco Saiko. Just as good if not better in my opinion and I have been BW loyal while available.
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    spooling up Torque 15 star

    The 6.0 gear is perfect. I got 40 yards of JB hollow 40. Sweet setup.
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    For Sale Bean Bag Chair

    I am local in San Diego and will take them if the other sale does not go through. Thanks,
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    Penn Fathom FTH12 Fly Lining Recommendations

    I would go 30# braid so you have some capacity and enough room to cast mono. The 30# braid does not cast well. Either does the 40# IMO. Caught some good size fish with this set-up using 20# or 25# topshot. Have fun.
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    What's going on with the Relentless?

    It was tied up at the dock last weekend.
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    20 VISX Line Capacity

    I have heard 700 yards of Izor 100#. I got 300 80# Seaguar plus 325 100# Seaguar. Had hoped for more but every spectra is different.
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    For Sale UC76Tilefish JR

    That particular blank is awesome! It gets more use than all others combined. GLWS.
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    UC Wahoo JR Capablities?

    Just got back from a trip where I loaned my Wahoo Jr. and Torque 25N2LD to a guy. He made pretty short work of a 85# BFT caught on a flat fall. I think it's sweet spot is 40-50#. On the rail it was lifting the fish just fine.
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    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    Yeah, not sure. Hopefully I can flatten it out a little this weekend on a solid BFT!
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    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Spangler all the way. Picked it up on this forum 5 years ago and started using on 20# up to 200#. Many fish caught including cows and zero failures. Easy to tie big line, fast, and seems stealthy. Two loops around the hook adds confidence. Thank you to whoever posted this knot 5 years ago...