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    10 Day Nov 2 - 12 Intrepid Roll Call

    My buddy Neil and I are going. Looking forward to it.
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    Fishy, Terry_CA here (Terry Foreman from Willy's trips). If you have a minute I need some advice...

    Fishy, Terry_CA here (Terry Foreman from Willy's trips). If you have a minute I need some advice on an Intrepid trip, 11/2-12. And I was wondering when your next adventure was. Please call me. I live in AZ now. Cell is 760-577-9506. Thanks.
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    Kennedy fisher rods

    KF back in the day was one of the earliest graphite blanks you could get. We had them in 1976 and mostly used them for freshwater bass. Good rods, especially for their time. Haven't seen them recently though. I don't know anything about their saltwater use. Terry
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    Just a vintage SD photo...........

    Polaris II is now the Prowler. Terry
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    Buzz learned his craft under Dick Gaydosh and Don Sansome on the New Lo-An and Q 105, and that's a great fishing heritage. He doesn't put up with crap on the boat. And the boat is 10X better than the day it first slid off the ways. Everything is upgraded, from mains to electronics. A class...
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    Offshore Hell Has Frozen Over!

    That's just crazy talk! Chargers win Super Bowl? PFFFTTT! ;o)
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    some vintage jigs from the weekend

    Debi, Cristy 2s were a YT killer in the '70's and '80's. Heavys were a great yoyo bait. Caught a ton of calicos on the lights. Blue/white, chrome, or fried egg. Stragglers also caught a lot of fish, but I personally didn't like the split rings (not that it made much difference for the size I...
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    sportboat name changes

    The 55' La Jollan, originally Jet 1 or Jet II, was run by George Foster in the early '70's out of Pt. Loma. Originally had a gas engine. I heard she broke in half in a boatyard sling in Oxnard or up there somewhere. I also don't remember George as tall, but he was white headed and couldn't let...
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    Ray Jarvis aka Iron Thrower..Long Ranges loses a great friend

    A sad day. I fished with him only once but I could tell Ray was a good guy. He could keep Fishy at bay, anyway... RIP and condolences to the family. Terry