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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Our small family businees does contract work for the DFG. From speaking to officers over the years lobster season is thier equivalent to the super bowl. From the DFG side its literally all hands on deck to enforce the season. Every available officer is called to duty, underwater officers with...
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    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Jason ground up kelp makes awsome garden compost, just mix your kelp with lawn clippings toss in some sycamore leaves and let sit for three months. Seriously.
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    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Ahhh the old Tbird love that boat. Great old boat and lots of great fishing memories. Love watching FSN on Sundays, and seeing the old girl. Was a pinhead on that boat when I was a kid. Learned alot about fishing from those guys. Love the old Tbird.
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    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    I know what you mean, I went fishin in san diego once before. Our dinner on the way home was a tuna fish sandwich and a bag of doritos, it was optional to pay fer supper but boy I really felted cheated paying 20 bucks for louzy food on a tuna fishing boat. On that same san diego overnight boat...