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    If this boat is still available. Give me a call 412.596.7093
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    Give me a call in regards to your 31FA. 412.596.7093 Thanks, J.T.

    Give me a call in regards to your 31FA. 412.596.7093 Thanks, J.T.
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    Meriit "Bent Rods" 10-day EXCEL Charter

    Fished with Brad and his crew last year and had a riot. Very solid group of individuals that made an outsider from Florida feel welcome. Would love to fish this year but I will be hunting in Utah on the 6th. Carl and I both plan to make it on another one of your trips in 2013. You people have...
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    Help finding mixed bag Alaska trip...salt/fresh/hunting

    Might want to look at Prince of Wales in SE Alaska. We try to go there every year. The fishing might be a tad better out of Kodiak but the deer hunting out of POW is crazy. There is a bunch of lodges around Craig, Alaska but I like it better up by the Dry Pass area. Pretty much any of the more...
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    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    I'll take it if the other deal falls through.
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    Excel Super Cow

    I / we will definitely be back. I looked on the Excel website and it looked like there were two Merritt trips next year. Once we get our hunting schedule figured out we will book one or the other. How about you?
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    Excel Super Cow

    Fished with Gail aboard the Excel on the Merritt charter back in November. Super cool fishing chick. Congratulations!
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    Poll - Small Accurates

    No problems here. I like them (BX2-500) and have thought about picking up a 400.
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    Ideas for LR Tackle

    I've only been on one 10 day trip but one thing that stood out to me was having a longer rod built with a lighter tip but with a ton of backbone to be able to cast my bait a decent distance away from the boat during a pick bite for cows. I live in Florida so I just brought all my heavy trolling...
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    Accurate ATD 12- in gear when in freespool

    Probably too much grease on one of the drag washers. Not going to hurt anything and it will go away after you use it. I just checked my 6, 12, and 30, and none of them do it but they all have line on them. Nice reel by the way. The 12 is so versatile.
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    Next Wave to cow town..

    At the Vagabond right now. Headed south on the Excel 10 day leaving tomorrow at 11am. Sweet!
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    I need a truck, buy my Accurates!

    I sent an email on the 500 but have not heard back. I'll take the 500 for $450 cash IF you can meet me in San Diego on November 1st or 2nd, or if you can leave it with someone you trust that can meet me. I'm on the Excel 10 day that leaves November 2nd at 11AM. I'll arrive in San Diego on the...
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    Royal Star caught a few 200lbs on the Lower Banks

    Leaving out on the Excel for 10 days on November 2. First LR trip ever and am pretty fired up. Good luck to all.
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    I need a truck, buy my Accurates!

    Email sent on the BX2 500.
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    "Super-Hoos" on the ridge - EXCEL

    Sweet! See you November 2nd.