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    Anyone with a 26' Olympic?

    I do not have one for you to go out in, but I owned one for 10 years and it was one hell of a boat!
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    Saltwater New Captain with a business on float 12

    Nice! Best of luck with your adventure.
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    7-10" MFD

    If all fails finding your brands i do have a Lowrance Gen 2 10" for sale. Just saying!
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    My TOP 40 Sonar Screenshots of 2020...2kw Raymarine system

    Ok I guess I need some education on what to look for on the screen shots. Where can I do read and do some research?
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    The New "Big Kahuna"

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    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Easy-loader wants $938.00 per axle. Shopping hard now.
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    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    I've decided to replace these. Thanks for everyones input. Thinking my life is worth the 2 grand for two new axles. My boat sat for close to 12 months during my corrosion fiscal. Thinking as it sat the rust took charge as I rinse my trailer pretty regular.
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    Solvkroken 26 oz cod jigs

    sold pending pick up
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    Solvkroken 26 oz cod jigs

    $28.00 each
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    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    I will look this up, but do i need to purchase new axels or can just the torsion part be replaced?
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    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Yearly trailer maintenance for me includes new bearings and brake pads needed or not. Hub turning if necessary and an in-depth inspection of the calipers. I also tune or replace anything else that may need some love. My boat and trailer are old, born in 2006. My trailer torsion "arms" are cast...
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    Boat deck chairs

    I will take them if it includes a tuna trip in 2021. Of course i will pay my share for the day! Tom
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    Point taken. That is why I purchased what I did. I did pretty much followed suit! Rinsed with fresh water after use, dried the blade off and placed it in the plastic sheath. After use it was kept in my fish bag in the hotel and in the boat while fishing. Could I have done a better job taking...
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    More like thirty bucks and that is not the point!