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    I dare you to crash this cat’s bait stop…

    Did someone make a request for a Grady??
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    Awesome Halibut day today!

    Ennnnnnumscratch!!!!!! Mike!!! You killed it in Mexi and I bet on sturgeon!!!!……you needed a mild set back just to give you perspective you killer you!!!! My team of ninjas are due for Tapps!!
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    Precision machine work?

    Before the shoulder damage I suffered from years in the league….I had a bit of a cannon. Opening day of deer season my buddy’s missed three deer in the morning and I gave them a hard time that I could do better. Well part luck and part because I could throw pure fire I took a 4 point down with...
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    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    It's a hospital sterile clean Grady you meany! You used to be one of us!!
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    Operation Overlord

    Wow!!!! And how for granted our society takes things today! I have two young boys and my biggest fears have been them getting hurt in baseball. The incredible world and life our veterans were responsible for! Thanks will never be enough. I'm sure doesn't even come close to real...
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    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    Haha!!! Love it! Steve you anti gull poo supporter you! Hmmm.......lay your hard earned and high cost catch in poo or to not lay in poo?? I tend to agree with avoiding poo if at all possible??
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    New Trailer

    Shirley.... You nailed it regardless of warranty, regardless of how new trailer is.... Have a box of all the shit to at least replace one entire hub set up. I learned the hard way and was actually not that rough because I got lucky that Cain's open on a Sunday and had everything I needed...
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    Garmin 160S Fishfinder

    By chance does it come with a transfucer?
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    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Thrasher 7’6” MH. Double duty as Hali/Tuna bait stick.
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    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    Those La Push guys!!!!! Us Neah guys are setting it right!
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    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    That’s a no brainer Willis!
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    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    Any of you filthy animals going to be out there this weekend? The Juice will be in attendance and Jeff aka FishPimp is going to put the first Hali's on The RedHeaded TV Blaster!! Fish on!
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    Stay tuned...

    The GoatFather has spoken!!
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    Tanacom Recommendation

    I use 30# and 8’/9’ rods. I can get deeper with less lead. We use two 500’s and 3 750’s and seem to be same motor. 80# I would go 750.
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    Tanacom Recommendation

    I prefer the 500 but I don’t use rope for line or cue sticks for rods so the 750 is the preferred weapon.