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    Makaria MK-S-741XH with matching MK20000S reel

    Paid more for just the reel...GLWS
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    26 blackman

    Bad Ass Rig! More Mako Pics plz.
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    Recent info on the fin bait inside local BFT stomachs?

    I saw bellies full of red crab two weeks ago.
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    Aquasport pilot project

    Super bitchen!!!
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    Tower Recommendations

    That is pretty much what I want, a couple things I would expect to change. I may not go with a hard top; in that case I was considering making up a deck piece to go over a couple rails so it would be a solid floor underneath my feet but not all the way fwd\aft like a hard top would be, just a...
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    Tower Recommendations

    I'm sure it's not as stable as something beamier but it's what I've got, we've all seen towers on smaller rigs. Who spends a lot of time in their tower?
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    Tower Recommendations

    I'm starting to look into options for a tower on a 24 Skipjack Flybridge. I really like the idea of a soft top, maybe one I can crawl up through into the tower, like a cobia tower style maybe. If I can get away without a hardtop that would be great, I think. I'm wondering what is important, for...
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    For Sale: Coastal Compact 4-Person Life Raft Valise

    Where are you located?
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I spoke with a couple prop guys today that both seemed to think I'm just way under propped. They recommended a larger diameter prop, a Bravo One which is 15.25in I believe, in a 22P to start with and see how that does.
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Thanks for the info guys, keep it coming please. I too believe the props I tried are too small, pitch and diameter wise. I'm trying to determine if that's the only issue. If your running a bravo one and you have a chance to measure the distance from the bottom of the TA on the transom to the...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Anyone running a Bravo one on a 24 Flybridge? I've got a couple questions. I just got mine installed and hit the water and I had two props to try out and neither are even close. I expected the first prop which is a Quicksilver 14.5in x 15P, 3 blade (stainless) to be way too small, the second...
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    Southern California OMC Outdrive & Gen2 Alpha

    1970 Skipjack Outdrive I have the original electric shift stringer outdrive, it has a new shift spring, impeller, etc. it's in very good shape for an old OD. It's last run was Dana to SCI, the intermediary box broke, that is included but I expect there are some hard parts broken inside. Includes...
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    FS 1970 Skipjack Outdrive, etc.

    tbev submitted a new listing: FS 1970 Skipjack Outdrive, etc. - FS 1970 Skipjack Outdrive, etc. Learn more about this listing...
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Thanks bro, I appreciate the help, sorry I was bleeding a little . .
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Can anyone tell me what these cunts are asking me for?> Trying to get one for me and one for my day. Can I pay someone a hundred bucks to do all this bullshit for me?