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    Fishing Tattoo

    Thank you!
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    Fishing Tattoo

    Thanks! I don't have a website anymore but you can see my work on Instagram @tattuna I appreciate it!
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    Fishing Tattoo

    I have a few fish tattoos, but here are some that I have done on other people...
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    FS: Accurate 870 and 270 $250 each

    Used but in good condition. $250 shipped each.
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    Awesome trip. Puro cabrilla! I'll be there next month. I wouldn't have recognized Brent if it weren't for the dorado/Baja tattoo I did on his arm. Good stuff!
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    Castros contact needed

    Not sure if the number is still the same but this is Panfilo's cell 011 52 646 154 4169. He's a great guy. Tell him I said hi.
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    wahoo off the domes 10/16

    Awesome Cory!!! Stoked!
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    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    I like the Strike Pro poppers. They're made of wood and cast well. I found an old Megabait popper in the garage and tried popper fishing for the 1st time and stuck a 35 lb Bluefin on it last month. I was fishing a Tranx with straight 40 on a jig stick. On my way home from that trip I stopped...
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    Oahu shore fishing info

    Thanks a lot for the info! Sounds like most guys fish bait there, but that really isn't my style. I'm gonna bring some spoons, poppers, and jerkbaits and see what happens. Size doesn't matter since whatever I catch will probably be a new species to me. I'll be sure to post my results when I get...
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    Oahu shore fishing info

    I'm going to be tattooing at the PIAE convention in Honolulu August 7-9. I'll be staying with a friend who lives on the North Shore in Waialua and would like to do some fishing once the convention is done. I've never been to Hawaii and don't know what to expect. The friend I'm staying with does...
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    WTB Tarpon 160i

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone will have one they're willing to sell. Mine was swept away from the beach in the Sea of Cortez a couple weeks ago. I've got an offer for a great deal on the newer 160, but I'm hoping to find a 160i. Took this picture of her a couple hours before...
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    Gonzaga panga recommendations?

    I rented a panga once from Alfonsinas. I think it was $160 for about 6 hours. I've heard about a guy that knows the area best that's out of Papa Fernandez, but when we went to talk to him he was sick and couldn't get out that day. Probably no one to call and set it up ahead of time. Best bet is...
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    An old punk song about fishing Catalina

    They also wrote a song about fishing calico bass back in 1981. One of my all time favorite Bands. They were from the South Bay and fished a lot. Mr. Bass lies waiting in his kelpy room Waiting, til comes doom He comes and then he goes He sees Orca and then he knows And I can see Mr. Bass, he's...
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    New fish tattoos and other art

    Thanks guys! Bigfishhateme: Shogun Tattoo 2480 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena CA
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    New fish tattoos and other art

    It's been a while since I've shared any work on here. I haven't been doing a ton of fish tattoos but I've had a few cool requests. I'll be tattooing at the Austin Texas convention January 16-18 if anyone is out that way and wants to get some work done. Here are a few from the past couple...