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    OC fishing clubs

    Very happy you got your girl back. :appl:
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    OC fishing clubs

    New Location starting in 2020. Lighthouse Community Church. 300 Magnolia St. Costa Mesa. Third Thursday of the month 7:00PM.
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    Fishing Group/Club near Huntington Beach

    I go to FIB'ers. It's a Christian fishing club but all are welcome. The club is free and they have 5-10 charters a year. Most are 3/4 day to 1.5 day from Dana Point or Newport. First meeting for 2020 is March 19th at Lighthouse Community Church in Costa Mesa 7:00PM. Corner of Santa Ana St. and...
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    November Catalina Tuna

    I have a friend who is currently on a 10 day trip and the YFT their getting are all under 20 pounds. Nice fish!
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    Well maybe our local tackle shop owners will make a profit and stay open.
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    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    I think is could have been Jason. Tall, thin, glasses with a beard. Talks a lot on the PA us on deck.
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    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    Just returned from a 2-day charter on the Aztec. Day one. 15 skipjacks and we did see some bluefin (#100-#150) crashing on bait Great show and we and hook 4 with light line and all went by-by. Empty kelps and 15 skipjacks all but 4 on the troll and we stopped on meter marks we were told were...
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    Aztec 2-day charter next week. 9-25&26.

    I know the local offshore fishing over the last two weeks has been up and down but what I'm reading is this... Light line. #20-#25 with fluorocarbon. Small hooks. #2 #4. Bait is poor. Need spectra backing as bigger fish are in the mix. A rod with some backbone. A rod for #30-#50. Colt sniper...
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    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    So many times I've seen the first fish or the last fish of the trip take the jackpot. Well done Dan. I'll be over later for some bluefin.
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    Interesting video

    Don't try to post that video on facebook. I tried and got slammed by their lefty police.
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    The yellowtail?

    Great tuna counts coming from SD boats but the lack of yellowtail is odd. Over the last few years we have seen thousands of small (rat) yellowtail and this years the offshore kelps are MIA. It is the lack of Mexican hurricanes this year? I know the fishing runs in cycles so maybe it's just a off...
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    At todays news conference the Sheriff said that not one person sleeping below deck made it on to the deck. I'm a light sleeper and I get up a few times to pee. People snoring, generator running and water slapping the hull makes it hard for me to have a deep sleep. Heat, smoke, smell and noise...
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    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    I have fished the RR-3 five day trip a few times in late July where we were never more than 80 miles from SD. There was nothing offshore south of Ensenada and Cedros was closed to us. IMO the 5-6 day trips are not good unless the boat can fish Guadalupe Island.
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I agree with this. The exits are clearly marked and Andy on the RR3 tells us about it. You need to climb a ladder straight up and with one hand push open the cover and move it out of the way. Then you need to pull yourself up and out. Not a easy exit.