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    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    The cost to legitimately run one of these operations is considerable. I know, I co-own one with my Son. ( The boat, property tax, Coastwise documentation, commercial passenger insurance, (more for high horsepower, fast boats), Port and Landing fees, maintenance every...

    Electric reel help


    Offshore BFT front side of Clemente

    They're eating Anchovie. We were there, caught them and looked in their stomachs. All Anchovie.

    Boat Fire Kona Kai

    Tiara caught on fire, caught the cat on fire then broke loose and damaged two other boats before sinking. two fairways down from my boat. Gnarly.

    Etec G2 experiences

    Whatever you do, do not buy a Stainless Marine bracket. We had one and the hatches leaked filling the bracket with water. Armstrong all the way. Also, bracket height is key, too low and you'll have issues maintaining a reasonable cruise speed on that boat, trust me I know. Yamaha 250's all...

    Cabo 226 Cuddycon Repower

    What HP is it rated for?

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    I'm in agreement with releasing the bird unharmed. Pure ignorance and frustration on the part of the Deckie. That said, how many of you would gladly bust a cap in a seal (without legal ramifications of course) with your 25 pound Yellowtail and favorite surface iron in his mouth? As much as it...

    Fishing the Coronados 2019

    Use the Search function, this topic is covered very well. Short of that, Mex. fishing license, FMM, bracelet, Passport, proof of Insurance, radio operators license, etc... All of this is subject to the interpretation of the person requesting it.

    Boat transport with shrink wrap

    You don't need to shrink wrap. You can use adhesive plastic that they use in the auto industry on the leading edges of the hull and console if necessary. I used it to transport my yellowfin from Sarasota Florida to SD and it worked awesome. Peeled right off. It's thick enough to stave off...
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    2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    Yes Sir! Built specifically for Southern California and used to chase Bluefin and Yellowtail surface schools and fish Calicos and Cods at the outer islands. Great bait capacity and lots of rod storage for the long rods.
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    Boat accident...hope everyone is ok

    Allegedly one fatality. Happened by the Whistler buoy.
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    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Step up, trip XTO 425's. Do it! :)
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    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Quality polarized sunglasses are to sunglasses what Gyros are to binoculars. Night and day difference.
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    2004 Cabo 35 flybridge

    Sweet rig! Getting tough to find clean Cabos. Curt Agee is an honest, truthful Broker who's represented the Cabo brand for many years. GLWS.