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    Tony Pena 1948-2019

    The memorial service for Tony Pena will be at: St. Mary's Catholic Church February 16, 2019, at 10am. 426 E. 7th Street National City, CA 91950 619-474-1501 Thank you for your sincere condolences. All your comments and pictures and stories have lifted ALL of our hearts. Thank you. Tony was a...
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    Tony Pena 1948-2019

    Ahoy Mates, It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Tony Pena. He was a most amazing, talented, and good friend to so many. Tony enjoyed being behind the camera. It is for that reason, I would like to make this personal request of his fishing...
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    Surf fishing Costa Rica (Quepos)?

    If those clams are important for shore fishing but hard to get I would ask around-maybe some restaurants and seafood markets have plenty of fresh ones for purchase. Or buy some from the guy who told you about them. What ever works.
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    Surf fishing Costa Rica (Quepos)?

    For the time you have available I would rent a panga or small cc with a bait tank and hit the roosters, pargo and snook. Make sure there is shade for the girls but if they don't want to go it's been my experience to give them a pool day off with mom. Not everyone is ready for hot weather...
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    Looking for a Panama Charter

    Info emailed.
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    Looking for a Panama Charter

    Al, send me an email at: [email protected] and I'll provide you with a list of lodges/charter boats. As a writer/photographer I've fished Panama over 50 times.
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    Cuban fishermen on the Malecon

    Assume you mean the old Malecon in Havana. They use a lot of old spinning gear and hand lines so they would appreciate Sabicki-type bait catching rigs (they love eating "bait" such as scads, blue runners, sardines, etc.) as well as spoons and feather jigs. Small spools of line, hooks and sinkers...
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    Bali , Indonesia fishing report

    That type of trip is always adventurous even if not real productive. Did you try popping the mahi?
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    Fishing help San Juan Del Sur, Nica

    Gabriel's newest website is Email: [email protected] Call from the U.S. @ 011-505-8884-8444 (He speaks fluent English, U.S. educated). Good luck. NOTE: Looks like he no longer has a website.
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    Cook Islands Fishing

    Greg, although you may hook some big fish around the reef most of them will average less than 15 lbs. so your wife could surely handle those. She would love the colorful variety as well. You can catch tuna and mahi in Baja so it would be a shame to pass up the tropical inshore species and the...
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    I've been an Aztec fan since they played on campus at Aztec Bowl. Most of the non-Coryell/Gilbert years were a disaster to the point I couldn't get friends to share my four season tickets free to most of the games. Recent years have been fun and I hope 2018 was just a glitch. A bad year and we...
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    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Email me at: [email protected] and I'll send you a pdf of a feature article I wrote "Habla Español" designed for the angler fishing Mexico.
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    New rookie hunter questions

    Females can "rough it" the same as men if they want to. No details provided but I've been hunting, fishing and hiking for years with women without facilities except maybe a shovel. Dangerous animals=armed guard.
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    Bocas Del toro Panama

    Try the Bocas del Toro Sportfishing Club. They have a variety of boats and good local knowledge.
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    Boys trip to WY

    That is a pleasure to see you working with the boys. It is so much more than the shooting.