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    Ballot Trafficking

    None of this is cause for surprise unless you live under a rock. Both parties have been doing this for years. Law enforcement will never investigate it because to do so would undermine the entire leadership of the country because all of them have at one time or another have been involved in...
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    They Knew All Along

    Of course they knew, can't say that I'm surprised, not even a little.
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    Afghan weather report !

    Trump wanted to pull out earlier not faster. His plan was contingent on the status on the ground. He said he was not in a hurry but wanted to get us out. His plan called for getting the people out first, then the gear, then the military.
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    Afghan weather report !

    By 2024 they will all be dead.
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    Covid Test Required

    If I was a Doctor with a small practice, I think I would set up a trailer at the landing and offer testing and shots to everyone going on or coming off a trip.
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    2020 California Voting Facts

    Nothing would surprise me these days. Corruption runs deep in this state.
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    Yep, be we will not see a tax increase right?

    Yep, be we will not see a tax increase right?
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    Full Forensic Election Audit of Maricopa County Arizona starting

    I heard the Democrats are trying to block them from doing this.
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    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    Izorline is my go to line, but I will also use P-line from time to time.
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    Yep, might take a little bit for this change to work out

    Yep, might take a little bit for this change to work out
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    My second SD trip

    Vagabond, Independence, Red Rooster, American Angler. Would be my top picks. Vagabond probably runs the most 3 days in your time frame and Capt. Mike Lackey is one of the best to learn from.
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    Braid color???

    I have white on all of my reels that I take on sport boats for the same reasons everybody else mentioned, I can see it. The dark green stuff is really hard to see at night. For the reels I use on my own boat, I have a mix of green, blue and white. Never tried the yellow o
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    Tackle boxes with rod holders No good!!?

    Most of the boats I go on, would rather you cast jigs up on the bow, or at least forward of the house. The only time I've had a boat say something is on a Wahoo trip when just about everybody was throwing iron, then the boat asked everybody to put away the rocket launchers for safety.