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    Teramar 76MH

    Someone has it and needs cash. PM please located South O.C.
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    Boat Ho'er Read Me.

    Yea i know im not a thief. Its not entirely free. For every couple bottles or so that you purchase im allowed to hand out free drinks here and there. Boss knows about everything that goes out cause im honest with him and im just that great to his customers. So no, its not a douche bag move...
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    Boat Ho'er Read Me.

    I understand this is the wrong forum, but I can't seem to find the 2013 boat ho list. The only friend that owned his own skiff passed away recently and im having some trouble getting on the water and finding someone with a skiff who loves the same type of fishing as i do, pulling bass off the...
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    Daiwa SHA20 4 Saltist 20

    Not a single scratch on it. For sale 100$ or Would like to trade for torium14 or saltist 20(i add cash depending on condition). Located South OC.
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    Couple years ago...

    I believe it was a moderators friend that posted up a thread about how he agreed to take a noob spearfishing to show him the ropes. When the noob speared a white seabass and got tangled 50some feet down in kelp, he swam down to cut it out for him when a huge GW came straight at him. The noob was...
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    shimano teramar rod TMCX76M

    Need cash? sell me this rod and I will pick it up from a local seller in orange county. PM your contact number for fast transaction.
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    Boat HO list 2010

    Name: Mike Location: Cypress Age: 24 Boat: ' Referances: leg01as, T-bickle Experience: Plenty.. Just love fishing and hooping. I have 3 hoop nets available for use.... You have your boat,I have my money. Drink/Smoke: yes/yes. your boat, your rules Contact info: [email protected]
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    Slug fist

    wow capt you are sooo full of it.. with ideas that is.
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    Break that "grow button" Kennedy's first fish 8-22

    That looks like one picture perfect happy family
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    Oi-Oi-Oi-el Islas! Con Fotos

    looks like a damn good time to me
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    MDR 7-21 butterfest

    that was such a gooood bass session.. gotta get back out!
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    Two Personal Best at Rosa 7/3 w-pics

    Holy moly...x5 for the white fish and hali.. great stuff