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    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Health or boat problems ???
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    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Glag to see some nice fish for you 2. Thanks for dropping some off on the way home !!! Good eats for the 4th-Thanks !!!
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    Long Beach Inshore 6-18. Spanked em pretty good.

    glad you got some cudas Rich , they were jumping all over when we passed um on the way in. We did get 11 reds over 2 lbs on JP jigs !!
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    6-10 Wed. Pipe to the rigs

    Slow for Mark and I but we managed 30 bass-mostly sandies to 4 1/2 lbs. Headed back before the wind started and hit the Farm-nothing. Solid 3 1/2 lb REDS , then the 150 for some dinner. Solid 3 1/2 lb REDS on the JP jigs. Had the kids over tonight for dinner- they ate it all !!!
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    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    We didnt go by Nachos,!!! Couldnt see that far-FOG
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    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    Always trust you Captain !! Just had a hunch-they were due !!
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    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    My neighbor showed me how they fix fish tacos-Cambodian style . Steam with lemon and garlic with a few hot peppers, pick meat off bones for tacos--really good !!! Other wise deep fry them crispy !!!
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    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    We have been followed before , It takes lots of research and patience to find good spots !! They are just lazy and want everything, like the Democrats !!!
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    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    We also caught 5 barracuda-just short 24-26 in.. A fun day of fishing for sure !!
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    Izors to Shoe Thur.

    Took the ducky out with old friend Dave, lots of boat traffic at Davies at 5;45. Ran out to Izors-we are alone for almost an hour. A lot of boats at Nachos getting bait when we passed by. 2 1/2 hours for 2 sand bass was a little slow so we made our way up the line for a bass here and there. A...
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    Catalina 5/7/20

    good to see you still fishing.. Your dad was probably sea sick with the big swell !!
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    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    What the hell 2019???????????????????????
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    Rpt.-Thur. 04-30-20 Catalina.

    We only burnt 14 gals of gas !!
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    Rpt.-Thur.-04-23-20 Great to get out, very slow!

    Cory forgot to mention that I got the prettiest fish , a Manta Shrimp . Released over the water , not in the boat !!!