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    Wa permits

    Anyone draw .I didn't really try with my caribou trip and Idaho trip ..I was only in for oils....but my kid got a coyle doe tag ..his 3rd doe tag in 4 year's...
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    Time to sell your boat

    Meh ..i have a doctor's note for fresh seafood... seasons don't matter much. I can posses it just can't sell it..and if I get caught possessing it under the presumption that I'm illegally possessing it, than it's up to the state to prove I knowingly illegally possessed's convoluted I...
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    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    You only lay the small ones in poo...if you catch a big un they fire up the front loader for ya and give you front and center look at me status so you can update your facebook..
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    Fishing sunglasses

    Whatever is less than $10 at the checkout counter at 7eleven cause I loose a pair about twice a year over the side...
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    Had a rough time in 12 finding any on Wednesday. Will try again Saturday
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    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Keep pounding it you'll turn something up ..we catch em all the time trolling for salmon at 1.5-2 knts. Puget sound lings get fished out pretty quick so finding one might take time.. better off hitting the coast for a day or two if you can.
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    South Korean electric reels

    Can't hurt to try .with that said you get what you pay for..I'm going on about 12 year's with my first Tanacom 750... Averaging 6-8 days a year of use, 15-20 power ups per about 25-30 cents per power up.... that's money well spent. And you got a local repair guy in Redzwulf if you...
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Your making a lot of assumptions G. Protected by guys like me ..? WTF does that even mean...if you want me to come down to your level I will. Just this once... You talk allot of shit from the safety of a keyboard... And FYI. I have no idea who the victim was, which boat it was, or any...
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    Easy limit's for us on the hood. Done and at the dock by 1030.
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Besides the school yard bickering which I'm partly to blame... I think we can agree to disagree on some issues....but we can all agree that safety is paramount. Accidents happen. We all have room to fine tune our safety measures and protocols. Will it save a life... hopefully. Will accidents...
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Good for you ... I've been called worse BTW ..I'm sure we will all look at our safety measures and address them as needed. But you don't need the specific details of this incident to do that ..guy goes to back deck disappears...does it matter why he went back there. .no... again they don't owe...
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    It's really none of our business at this point. Charter or private. They don't owe us shit. You don't need details to learn from it. And I know for me.. .if it happened on my boat, the last place I would come to talk about it is a public forum.
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Does it really matter.
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Plbs only work if you stay afloat. All the gear we wear some PFds won't float us very high out of the water. In rough weather staying afloat will be tough. No pfd and your sinking like a rock. Not knowing the situation I won't assume... So in relative terms. If you don't train to go overboard...
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    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    CQ has always been great, it went down hill last year when all the Lapush guys showed up.