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    Welds broke on boat

    Holy shit look what the cat drug in..
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    Welds broke on boat

    That mark follows the weld line up the hull...why accuse the op of hitting something if you don't know. Geez.. I would be asking for a new boat. Something isn't structurally right.
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    Hey y’all

    What year did the 225's stop corroding from the inside out. 05 or 06?.
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    Alright I peeked

    You've got the tide/ bar crossing pretty much figured out .. As for the wx. No one can predict wx two weeks out. It will change 20 times between now and the opener.
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    Found crab pot protocol

    And be careful with "saving" someone's pot. You take possession of it and call the owner up who's already had several pots "stolen" and they could just report you to DFW. People like that do exist. And people do use the drifting excuse to take other people's crab and steal their gear ..
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    Found crab pot protocol

    Unless it's hung up in my gear I don't waste the time with drifter's. I'm on the water for a reason and pulling derelict gear isn't one of them. It's no more a hazard than the other thousand pots out there or the plethora of dead heads. And Im not about to start hooking a line to those and...
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    Who's hunted Unit 1 in Idaho?

    It's a big area with big country. Everything from farmland to alpine peaks. Tons of cat's and wolves. Some grizz wandering around. Deer and elk numbers are up and down. What area is the private land in. Message me if you want.
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Guess I'm doing something wrong all my king's this year have come in less than 60 fow.
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    Ma 12 Shrimp

    Or, don't assume what people do or don't do, and just be ok with people passing along info and venting a little on an open forum. Hell we got 5 days of shrimping in 12 This year. With the crowds I saw I'm surprised we even got that.
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    MA6 Report(s) + The Straits?

    Halibut 8/6 and I would wait till next Monday to see what's going to happen with Salmon.
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    Ma 12 Shrimp

    CLOSED You greedy bastard's caught to many last week and f'd up my plans for next week. Thanks.
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    Sekiu fishing sloooow

    Or 930 if you know where to look. :D
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    That's an awfully big boat for perch and sand dabs...
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    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Technically no but once you engage in an activity in those waters besides aimlessly wandering you have crossed the boarder. If that makes sense. Also take into consideration once you cross that magic line you are open to contact by Canadian Enforcement. And any ramifications they choose to enforce.