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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Here is a pic of my Andros 5NIIA and Fathom 12 SD. The 5NIIA is taller and narrower. The Penn 15 is a wider Penn 12. Hope this helps:-)
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    WTB Need left hand reel retrieve

    Pm sent for Fathom 25nld2 LH
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    TRADE RC 4x4 off road 1/10 1/8

    Are you looking for a racer or a basher, rtr or roller?
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    For Sale just a heads up?

    I picked up the Newell 322 from him, no problems at all. Very smooth transaction.
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    For Sale Penn, Newell and Shimano reels for sale- revised

    The 1st day the ad came up, I jumped on the Newell 322. Sent PM for pmt and he responded same day. Paid w PayPal n received tracking number soon after. Reel came in the mail today as described. Very smooth transaction, thx John!
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    Newell Spools With Rounded Edges

    I have two Newell 322’s. The P-322 has the squared edge spool but the no-letter 322 has the rounded spool. Both spools are aluminum:-)