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    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    If you’re interested in something text me. I posted a lot of stuff. I had a guy roll buy and buy 2 rods and a blank. The prices are flexible.
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    For Sale SKB 7100

    I am selling an SKB 7100 tackle box with rocket launchers, shoulder strap and trays. Asking $200. Text me at(562) 229-6664 Jose
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    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    I am selling a variety of rods and blanks that I was holding onto... Truline Octagon 1X: I have 1 black complete rod, and one caramel blank with the original handle. Truline Octagon 440 wrapped by Yo’s spinning rod Truline LB8 custom wrapped newer glass Harnell 675 factory wrapped 2-piece...
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    For Sale Used SKB 7100

    SKB 7100 in great condition. It’s never been on a trip. I’ve used it for storing fishing gear. Asking $225 obo Jose (562)229-6664
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    Quality Rods and Reels for sale

    Pics of the Truline OG2580 posted
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    Quality Rods and Reels for sale

    I’m selling a few rods and reels and other accessories that I haven’t used in a while. SKB 7100 in great condition. $200 obo Penn Fathom 40NLD2 never been used, 80# Izorline spectra backing with 60# topshot $250 obo w/box and clamp Penn Baja Special 80# spectra backing with 50# topshot $175...
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    Gold Trinidad 14

    I have a used TN 14 in good condition with spectra backing and a 20# top shot. I have the original clamp also. The screws that go into the frame have been replaced because one of the original screws was loose. It's an 8.5-9 cosmetically and about the same mechanically. SOLD!
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    Black Truline D8 rewrap

    I started this build about 10 years ago. It feels good to see it coming together. It's got one layer of cork tape and XWrap over the top. I tied the Turks head knot myself. I decided to wrap it with Gudebrod Lemon Yellow, Scarlet and Black. I used SS braced wire guides that are triple wrapped...
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    White Tiger CJBF90M

    Its been about 8 years since I've built a rod. It felt good to get back to it. This is a Seeker White Tiger CJBF90M blank. It's a 9' 25-50# Blank. It's got a deckhand handle with a layer of cork tape and X tube over it. The guides are Alps(I can't remember the model). They're triple wrapped.