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    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    Good job ya ol fucker.... not my cup of tea, but to each thier own. Looks like is going to be functional as hell. I wouldn't be able to get up into the thing! Looks to me like Tin Lizzy and some random ford bumped uglies and made a love child!
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    Short Fckr Checking in

    Nothing to see here, Just some short fucker checking in from the east coast! Those who know, know.... those who don't Are considered NFB's!!!!
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    On a side note....

    Got it covered.... on another side note, I now own two canopies and have a red one in great shape and for sale (cheap) for a 2nd gen dodge shortbed. As @Marlin Mike would say, " if you're an asshole and let your friend drive a dodge" Thanks to @dragonballs Vance, I have it properly...
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    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Regarding the kill bag, 5200 the seams 3/4 of the way up on the inside. Otherwise you will loose most of the water you add!
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    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    Yeah, the switch can be replaced. I have done one before. There are 4 bolts that hold the motor casing together, separate those and slide the houseing off, replace switch, guber it up with secret sticky sealy stuff and good to go. I took a video yesterday of it working if needed to see.
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    WTB: Phone books.

    This mutha fucker right here... I love this guy!
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    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    I should have edited this.... I will not entertain unreasonable offers! I don't NEED the money and will not give them away!
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    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    I am not going to need these on the east coast. Scotty 1106 with ~ 550 feet of 200lb braid, a tuna cord dropper with a swivel tied in for the auto stop. Works awesome in place of those damn beads! I am selling one, although I have two if someone makes me a sweet deal. No swivel bases included...
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Not getting off that easy cupcake.... I'm physically leaving, but I will most definitively still be around here on the forums.... I am going to try to get some life for blody decks down that way too..... I guess I should go check to see if there is a SE page!
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Yup! I'm from about 3 hours south in Florida, so I can confirm the good fishing! Radar is your friend in the southern atlantic.... you can see the squalls and track them. Many a times I have had to run out and around cells instead of having them catch me or cut me off before I could get back in!
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    On a side note....

    Yeah, I found one down in Chehalis for a decent price... talked to the dude already and my go down monday when he gets back in town if I haven't found anything by then. It's a black lear that is pretty decent shape.
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    Need a hand in WP tonight

    The brotherhood is awesomeness!
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    On a side note....

    I know this isn't the classified section, but Jason and the admin can suck it, I am under a time crunch! Anyone have, or know of a canopy that is available for a 3rd gen 6.5' bed ram? I am in need of one for my trip east. My truck is white, but at this time I wouldn't care if someone has a hot...
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Hommies, pimps, assholes and the rest of you fags... it saddens me to say that I am officially headed to Kingsbay Georgia... and very quickly at that. I will be leaving Washington around the 18th or 19th to start my drive and I have to report on the 30th of this month. Due to the time restraints...
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    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    And, this post needed some T&A