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    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    Just an awesome video! I've been going there for years with my kids and wish that I had some video like that to look back on. I have just recently bought a drone and hope to get footage at least half as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.
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    CAT 10/3 report

    Very nice! Thanks for the report
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    Catalina on triton

    What did you catch?
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    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Very nice fish for sure. Congrats!
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    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    Sounds like you did all you could. I would of done the same.
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    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Awesome trip! Thanks for the report
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    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Nice grade for sure! Well done