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    Need to Id an old newell reel

    if you can measure side plate height and spool width, some Newell experts will know right away. Also might help to put a known reel next to it for scale and shoot pics from a couple angles. Looks to me like a 338 or 229.
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    Late Report - Santa Barbara Island 11/22 on the Pescador

    Awesome! Looks like the camera was a bit more stable?
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    WTB Calstar blank: T655H

    Any interest in stripping? A rod, anyway... I have a custom 765ML with Aftco rollers. Barely used. Message me if interested.
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    For Sale Iron Close-Out

    Buy with confidence! I got my lot right away.
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    FG Knot Performance

    With either method the results are the same. The spectra wraps around the fluoro/mono. Rizutto is the preferred finish.
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    Kicking off another set

    They look like they'll shoot fireworks.
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    I do the Alton Brown method. Love it. Easy enough to find his YouTube clips. Not sure how the smoke will complement, but I bet it would be pretty good!
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    Creamcicle Ulua

    Was just going to say--it looks edible!
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    FG Knot Performance

    The only one I’ve had fail was when I was fishing for green bass and had tied a crappy one. Lost a tricked out umbrella rig to a tree... On the salty front, I don’t think I’ve ever broken one. I’ve had far more hooks break than FGs!
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    Tady 9/0 from 80's

    Cool find! Given that a Salas 7X light is around 3.5 ounces, it’s safe to say your 9/0 is a yo-yo jig.
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    On the water 9 day fishing report

    That's Big Chris on deck. He used to work on the Supreme.
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    Where to get long double black crimps

    Dana Landing usually has them.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Airgas for the silver solder and black flux. For bronze, I buy stuff all over, Airgas, Amazon, factory direct...
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    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    This post has me wondering what kind of responses someone would have gotten 10 years ago had they suggested bouncing a rubber flying fish under a kite! Sometimes you just never know. However, I would hope that using baby BFT for bait doesn't gain the same popularity!