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    San Diego Fish Processing

    For a PM return, call fast and easy fish pickup And five star.
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    100lb setup on a budget

    Avet HXW Raptor and an Okuma PCH 741XXXXH or XXXH. $800, add on line and you’re OTD for $1k. Personally, if I didn’t have 1k to spend on a new 100# setup then I would wait until I have the funds. I wouldn’t feel comfortable fighting a huge fish on gear that’s borderline.
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    Need help with color scheme Green, brown, gray
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    Which Okuma Rail Rod?

    Maybe this will help your decision making. The PCH rods are a great value.
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    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Does he have a website of social media?
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    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    I live in Castro Valley, Jon in San Jose is who I hit up when I need some rod work done.
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    SKB 7200 custom

    I used a small SS hog ring to to make my connection, only because I had it or I would have just tied it too.
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    SKB 7200 custom

    I liked the way you did it and changed mine out to copy yours. Thanks.
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    SKB 7200 custom

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    Socal Arsenal

    Where’s your 40# setup? Right now I’m fishing: 20# bait TX-300 or TRX300a; 80 XF 25-30# bait TN16A; 80 Mega 40# bait A5II; 80 Monster 40-50# bait MK10; 80 Tilefish 40# surface iron TRX500; 900 Wahoo TN20A; 900 Reaper 60# yoyo/bombs JX Raptor; 76 Predator 60# bait 15T; 76 Raptor 80#...
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    UC Rod Comparisons

    The Tilefish is a beast. I fish 40 on it but most of the time it’s 50.
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    UC Rod Comparisons

    UC have said before that their brochure has typos, I think the line rating for the 76 Predator is wrong too. The 80 Monster is a 30-60. The R is the designation for factory wrapped.
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    UC Rod Comparisons

    Actually I did do 35# on the Viper.