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    SBI Rockfish 12/6/20

    Great job... how did you fish the snipers? Up and down or horizontally?
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    Whistler Area 11/17

    Beer battered whitefish fish tacos! The bomb!
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    Huntington to Catalina report

    We've all been there to some degree
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    9/4 On The Dana Pride

    The little ones taste better.
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    For Sale Edgewater 175cc Doghouse Edition

    I've fished this Edgewater many times... Andy is one of the most meticulous guys I know and has dialed in this boat. He overbuilt everything and nothing needs to be done. Motor is running great, electricals are done right and the hull is super clean with no issues. I wouldn't hesitate...if...
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    Yellows and Turbot Catalina 6/12

    Rock sole... and yes delicious
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    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    Great job guys..what depth were you fishing Cory?
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    La bay today John Fitzgerald and juan They said they release the hundred

    Absolutely stunning conditions. Thanks for sharing!
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    PST 4/16

    Beautiful! Where is this?
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    Seriola ensalada

    Slider requested a pic of what I did with this yeller... yellowtail carpaccio Yellowtail thin slices Ponzu Fresh lemon juice Red jalapenos sliced thin Microgreens Fried garlic
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    Seriola ensalada

    Hey guys. Caught a yeller on a kelp patty going towards the East end yesterday. Saw many helps with none holding.. but when I saw that one with birds sitting on it.. I had to slowly motor near it... at the corner of mine eyes.. saw a greenish tinge and flashes of silver. It was a quick glance...