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    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    Does the Carefree boat club have any limits on how far south you can go? For example, 425, 371, Upper Hidden? To the other guys, yes, I have had my own boat for 10+ years, but the club has been great up until this year. Step on, step off, no boat cleaning or maintenance.
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    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    I've been a member for the last 5 years, and it has been great the first few years. I highly recommended it to friends. This year (like everything else this year) is a different story. There has been really rapid growth, and it's been really hard to get boats. Also, there have been many more...
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    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    Yeah but did you get any dorado or rockfish? LOL Congrats. I really like the half pilot house too. What kind of boat?
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    use fishing finger tape. I've been getting a lot of cuts with these wide open dorado bites trying to release the little guys. Broke out the finger tape.
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    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Yes, not holding fish.
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    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Heard it was reported to the CG this morning near the 425. We saw it above the 371 so take care guys heading out at night. Oh yea limits of dorado out there. A few pounds bigger than last week.
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    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Very nice and great pics. What is fishing the life jacket?
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    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    All on sardines, we only trolled a little. Once we found the dorado they would bite every cast on the bass rod and mini rapala. They would have probably bit a bass worm.
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    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    OK, I added a link to an mp4, you can try that one.
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    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    Bring the bass rods. Small to medium sized dorado and mixed yellowtail at the upper hidden bank. All on kelps. Video attached of hand feeding the dorado:!At6kvMi3rw7XiTWBRhpxZeSCApUU?e=hMpbjL
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    Offshore Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    Nice video. A suggestion, I would use an 80 pound bite leader and switch out that treble hook for an Owner assist hook. Less pulled hooks that way and you won't get bit off.
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    Offshore Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Great job. Looks like the storm didn't push them away.