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    Skirting lures with Vinyl.

    Marlin fishing! Great video Nick, I always wondered how to skirt with vinyl. Any chance when you show products you are using in your video you can add a link to where to buy? Thanks for taking the time to make these videos
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    Video- Tuesday 11/19 Played the Ledge

    Nice video Nick! What size and brand circle hooks are you using? Also how far back on the leader are you putting trailer hook? Keep the videos coming!
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    Nice job Pat and Mike. Looks like you guys had a great day. Congrats!
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    Longest Catch of the Year and not proud of it!

    Passed you guys at Head Buoy as you were getting towed in. Hopefully no running gear was torn up. I found several big birdpiles but couldn't get anything to bite. Got a nice Ono and a couple knockdowns form Marlins but didn't stick. Glad to see you made it in safely- That's all that really matters.
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    How to fillet a ahi!

    Another good video Nick. Always nice to see how other people cut their fish and pick up tips from other fishermen. Keep the videos coming! Tight Lines!!
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    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Congrats Mark- great job on the solo Marlin! You looked exhausted but thrilled to have it in the boat. KC Lures and Blackfin getting the job done.
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    Video - First Ahi of the Year

    Monkey off your back early. Way to go Nick and Ahab
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    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Way to get the job done Mark!! Solo and on a mission. Nice lure from KC.
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    Video of Monday out Waianae. Lots of ledge action with beat lures lol

    Nice job on the videos Nick!! Keep em coming.
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    Nice one Pat and Mike!! On a chrome jet even, very nice fish Congrats.
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    Looks like you had another good day on the Kai Nana! Way to go and you are right the KC Lures definitely work well. Congrats to Ken on his 800lb beast.
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    10/21/18 Winter has arrived... sort of.

    Sounds like a crazy day of action Pat. At least you got some fish in the boat and had what sounds like a fun day being in the right place many times just with rubber hooks.
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    Truman and Capt Great catch congrats! I was also out on Monday but got 1 nice Ono. I heard about the net you found while I was still out but didn't find it. It's great when it all comes together after searching. Congrats again- great looking fish! Wasabi
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    Congrats Pat! Solo is impressive, and as others have said it can't always be just luck. It's a Blackfin thang! Haha Congrats on another awesome Ahi Pat
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    Ono Run 08-18-18

    John and Dave, Nice haul of Ono. Congrats on the Blackfin. Was it from Oahu? Just curious as I have a 29' Blackfin too. Congrats