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    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 Day 8/21/2020

    That skippy I see? First one I’ve seen this season
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    Seiners. They were out working Sunday. A dozen of them. Saw them make a wrap. Sucks. They were working between 267 and 14 and north of it about 7-10 miles off.
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    Offshore Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    No. But I heard there’s a 37 on the west coast somewhere. Might be in Newport.
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    Offshore Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Think I saw you guys out on the backside of cat. I was on the 42 freeman with quads. We left from Dana point. Crossed the channel from Dana to east end in 35 min, doing just over 60, autopilot and relaxing. My little 22 whaler tops out just over 42 and it’s not fun in that boat. In the cat, we...
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    Parking at dana point

    It’s my local ramp also. My car has been hit twice. Then I’ve been blocked in where I had to unhook and have the worker there move my trailer out. And one time I blocked someone else I parking my car in my storage spot with the trailer. Of course the boat next to my spot, which hadn’t moved for...
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    Offshore Submarine

    Don’t know. But it was long time ago like 40/50 yrs ago
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    Offshore Submarine

    My buddies uncle used to captain a tug boat. One night he was pulling a big barge and while underway, a sub surfaced between the tug and barge, hooked the line and dove. The sub pulled both vessels under. Buddies uncle was on a life raft for two weeks at sea before he was found. The sub didn’t...
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    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    My bro was on the boat that picked up the crew. Not sure of the cause. But he said the CG was a shitshow. They had two pumps but neither would start, nobody ready to jump in the water. When they first arrived, the Capt of the CG boat came in hot and swamped the boat. Buddy thinks it could have...
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    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    Such a bummer. Dana is going to suck. Dry storage is supposedly going to quadruple. Inside info I got recently...the guy in charge of the project was asking marketing people if he should change the name of Dana Point Harbor to something else. Marketing folks were like wtf...let’s ask some...
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    Offshore Dana Landing Hit and Run (9/2)

    Same here in DP. Went early in the am while dark, ran solo. Came back and a huge dent on the side of my car. Took another look and noticed I parked in the dark and ended up in the middle of the lane. No cars in the morning but packed when I got back. Everyone had to drive around me. Haha. Said...
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    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    I went out sunday to the same area and came across a pretty large dead seal (or sea lion, whatever, didn't look THAT close) that had two bite marks out of it. Could definitely see big teeth marks. The jaws looked to be about 12-15" across. Shoulda taken a pic but didn't. Second dead seal i've...
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    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Were you towing her on Harbor blvd near the 405 last week?
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    Need new Fish finder

    What he said except I believe my Lowrance (gen 3 btw) has autopilot capability. Like I said, the transducer(s) was the hard part for me to figure out.
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    Need new Fish finder

    I just recently upgraded to Lowrance HDS7. Like a dumbass, I waited till the "end" of the offshore season, then my new baby was born so only have used it three times. I love it tho (albeit my last one was maybe the first ever Garmin made). I researched for friggin ever. Almost went Garmin again...