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    Cool Boat. GLWS
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    XTRA TUFF Comfort for long days? For my pops

    The “shorties” xtra tuffs are very slippery. I ate crap on a 2.5 dayer when someone left the floor wet after showering in the head. They work fine on deck cause the decks are rough. I wouldn’t recommend for working especially in a freezer. My 2 cents.
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    Center console

    Those engines are great- bulletproof. GLWS
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    Fuel flow meter?

    I have an older boat (96) with twin Yanmar 4lhdte’s . Is there a mechanical fuel flow meter(s) that would work for these engines? Or is there a simple to use digital product that I should consider. I never seem to get a straight answer from my mechanic. Any input would be helpful and thanks in...
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    Slightly used Naval boat

    Engines checked for corrosion?
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    1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    Total loss...
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    SOLD! To a really nice person...... made in USA, worn once on a 5 day. They’ve been in a time capsule in my father in laws garage for about 15 years. Men’s size 13 . Located in Brea. Looking for $50.00. text is 714-293-5702. I’ll be on the water tomorrow, I will respond accordingly. Jim
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    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    Tony, you need to double that price and increase your length to at least 25 or 27 feet, unless you want to split your boat in half, or worse your back. 4 mpg at that speed ain’t gonna happen either. 40kt = 46 mph cruise.
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    Looking for a reputable marine electrician to install 2000 w inverter in my 28 precision. The boat is in the water in shoreline village marina. There is lots of access on my boat, so should be pretty straightforward. I would appreciate any recommendations or a point in the right direction. You...
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    VHF problem

    Buy a new Radio and a Marine Radio Cover. It's not worth the risk of repairing IMO.
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    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    C'mon bro- We used to drive there every day for high school.... You all Mr. San Diego now..... pssssssshhh
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    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    will you deliver to Downtown L.A.?
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    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    6’ kencor and then sabre’s