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    Offshore Kite fish question

    why would you even want a kite fish at that point. its a hook and hand + from what ive seen on my trips and photos the deckhands usually have their hand(s) on the rod the whole time feeding line in/ help positioning, moving it over/under other passengers. kite fish (from a sport boat, ill...
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    What’s up with the Seeker D8?

    I’m a seeker guy and hate the d8; there are some variations of the seeker d8 that are better than others but the rod in general just sucks. It’s a noodle - barely heavy enough to fish 30. If you enjoy getting your ass kicked and seeing your rod bend in half then that’s good for you. if you want...
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    Super Seeker Deck Hand SS 6480-8’ CT 20-40 Lb.

    Calstar 6480's are either all glass (wcdh/bwcdh models) or glass over graphite (GG 6480) whereas this seeker 6480 is a composite ( transitions from graphite to glass tip; comparable to a calstar grafighter). calstar rates their 6480's 30-60 while seeker rates their's 20-40. Calstar 6480's are...
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    San Diego offshore weather

    Right now swell 10ft @ 10 seconds ; imagine swell the height of a driveway basketball hoop rolling towards you every 10 seconds
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    Have the tides turned on coffee grinders?

    I believe the want/ability to be able to cast conventional gear has to come within - it takes practice, i would go into my backyard and practice all the time from age 11-13 so i could be one of the cool guys in the bow . I know and have observed guys that try to figure it out as they go on...
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    Limits question

    You fish for boat limits, people will say they caught ‘x’ amount but everyone goes him with 2/5/whatever - best personal policy is to read the room in my opinion; on a boat full of killers or a private charter ? Sure stop once you got your fill and allow the other paying customers to have their...
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    LB 6480H question

    Looks like it could use a new grip, never been a fan of cork tape
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    I flew on American Airlines last summer and took with me a custom 9’ surf rod I had built for me out here for stripers. One piece, checked luggage in a Plano jumbo airliner. Just barely fit in when the Plano was extended to its max of 9feet and remarkably (to my somewhat surprise, I was fully...
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    Seeker and Shimano Display Rod Racks

    I’d do some despicable things to get that seeker rack for the garage . WTB time machine
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    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    Penn or shimano should make high-end 40/40n star drags again with the latest technology so we don’t need to waste money on 2 speed/lever drags to fish 40# and up
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    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    Bump. Narrowed search a little. May be able to trade for factory 6470xh or custom/blank 80xh. Looking for cash deal on factory 2x4
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    Couple heavy Lb seeker(s)

    bump sell me your rod take my money and invest it in gamestop