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    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    Congrats and thanks for the write up ! Lots of lessons to be learned from your experience 👍
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    Islands Pursuit 5/25

    Hey, Short report again. Gus driving. Neo and Jordan on deck. Ryan in the kitchen. Nice 4-5" dines. Headed over to the island and had the most beautiful weather you could ask for ! Too beautiful for the fish to bite I guess. Lot more skiffs out today. Gus worked hard but no matter where...
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    Islands Pursuit 5/24

    Hey guys, Short report. Went out to Catalina on the Pursuit. John driving, Gary on deck, and Ryan in the galley. Fished yellows and bass with the rest of the fleet. Good number of firecracker yellows and bass biting the dines on 20lb. Kinda funky wind vs current so was difficult to get...
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    Flatfall flouro leaders and hooks

    If you have rinsed your jigs off thoroughly and stored them in a cool dry area they should be fine. You have to check them though. Are the swivels or hooks showing rust. Is the cord still tightly weaved and supple. Is the flouro still clear with no kicks on the line. If so they are probably...
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    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Yea but I'm in an apartment right now so no room for cutting a big fish. Whether the smaller ones are better for sashimi I can't say. Just fits on my kitchen counter.
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    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Aw man Bummer ! I'll tell you though, If the weather was any worse than it was out there on Mon night, then you don't want to be out there. We were rocking an rolling and there were almost several bad spills (a couple almost overboard) amongst some of the passengers. I've fished worse weather...
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    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Hey guys, I signed up for a 1.5 day a couple months ago for me and my gal. Figuered it would be nice to get away in style after the past year. Initially thought we might be doing Collnet or some coastal yellowtail. But as the date grew closer I realized that we would be doing the Bluefin...
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    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    Mostly Avet pro ex 30s and Seeker 2x4 and 3x5 for the heavy gear. Lighter seekers and Avets for the other stuff. Just got off the boat.
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    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    If you are going to get him 2 outfits that are go to rigs, I would suggest . . . 1) 7.5-8 foot rod rated around 20-40 lb and a 3/0 sized reel. This will allow you to fish 30lb mono. This will allow for bait fishing for schoolie sized dorado, tuna, yellowtai, wahoo. 2) 7- 7.5 foot rod rated...
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    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    What kind of fisherman is your husband? Does he fish saltwater often? Can he cast a conventional reel? Does he like throwing lures or does he mostly fish bait? Does he have any saltwater gear currently? Is this going to be an annual type of trip or is he just going to do this once? Does he...
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    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    You're all set with what you described. Don't overthink it too much. Make a best guess based on your experience and the current depth. Then adjust accordingly. The only technique I have adapted to our fishery is to underhand toss the jig downwind to increase my time for vertical...
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    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    Yea man ! Normally when making squid, we are just trying to get enough to fish with and for the boat. But when that stuff floated the way it did and they were filling up trashcans for the hold, I just took my squid jig over to the other side of the boat and jigged myself a few. First time...
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    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Mirage Mon night in hopes of getting lucky with a straggler out of the Seabass bite that started last week. Took 3 setups. Newell 533N/Calstar 700H for 40lb dropper. Accurate BV500N/Temple Reef Innovate 80MH for slow pitch. Penn fathom 25N/Calstar 800L for 25lb...
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    CA Sheephead mounts

    Looks nice. Dimensions? Price?