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    Who is this Billy K guy?

    At least he was nice enough to buy a black boat so everyone who can’t catch fish can find him and fish next to him, which I have been guilty of more than once. Other than that, hard to talk shit on someone just cause he outfishes just about everyone on here and cashed in while of us just sat...
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    Offshore Nice One on the Popper - 7/7

    Crazy to see that quality with Catalina BEHIND you. Nice work. Sounds like last year but a notch bigger
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    Offshore 1.5 on the Independence, 5/3-5/22

    Excellent report Jose. Glad you got the skunk off for the season.
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    Bay / Harbor 2021/22 Lobster Season Recap

    Just a tip for taking the kids at night. I zip tie a couple of glow sticks to the life jacket just in case of anything.
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    Offshore Lots of non biting local tuna

    The guys up north might want to give Morita a call if those fish stick around. That broom handle looks a bit iffy
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    BOLA report, 7/22-8/1, eight days fishing

    Awesome report Jóse!! That was such a good read and what an amazing trip!
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    Offshore bluefin bonanza sat 7/31

    Yea the volume is insane
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    Hahahah. Now I got it

    Hahahah. Now I got it
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    Offshore Easter Day North 9

    Serious question. Why the fuck does everyone say back at the house or dock by noon? Don’t you assholes like to fish
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    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    hahah. You’re the man. Was just playing around. Glad you didn’t take it too seriously. Tight lines amigo
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    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    I wasn’t talking about the cook 😂
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    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Everingham Bait company should receive an award and letter of appreciation from every angler. What a god damn amazing service they provide. Scoops of live bait 24/7. Without them offshore fishing is gone. Gladly pay for whatever they see fit with a smile on my face and tip money for the poor...
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    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Been stung twice by sculpin, both times working the deck. Depends on how much venom you get but hurts like a motherfucker. Got it on my right hand (I’m right handed) and had to filet twenty limits of rockfish on the way back. Hand was like a balloon. Tried duct taping the knife to my hand cause...