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    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Great fishing and surfing! And great boats. Really nice. I does look really fun. Those boats are really clean and well put together. Impressive. Makes me want to trailer up there from Humboldt County here. I have mine rigged for surfing and fishing also. I'm wondering why Anderson pilothouses...
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    Top speed able to use sonar?

    Another important point is to get it as far away from the engine / prop as possible. I found this out by trial and error. I'm good to 20 kt or so (maybe more) up to about 900 feet deep with a Lowrance Mark 5x pro with the transom mount that came with it. Get it away from that engine.
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    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    Yes you are right about bow rail glare. I fish a lot on a Davis 25 Rock Harbor and the bow rail glare is totally destructive to human night vision adjustment. The back side of the bow rail needs to be painted flat black or some other method of eliminating the reflection from the rail needs to be...
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    Be careful out there!

    There is no higher calling than to make a positive difference in others lives. Who knows what could have happened if you didn't pick this junk up.
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    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Struggling for words. Build projects are always deeply fascinating, but this goes a level of magnitude beyond. Anyone agree?
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    Mounting transducers close together

    Probably will interfere. Even though it might, you can mount it there anyway and just make a decision on which sonar is the alpha unit. Sooner or later you will gravitate to the best one anyway. I have two on my boat, xducers about 12 inches apart. One interferes with the other but the better...
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    4D battery in small vessels?

    4d's would be fine. Might even make the ride nicer if they are put in the right spot. It's a good idea to fully charge them with a charger prior to a trip and after. Don't let them sit for extended periods in any state of discharge.
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    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    FISH ON Primus Les Claypool Felt a pang late one afternoon I was fishin' off Muir beach With Larry LeLonde Grabbed a tuna salad sandwich And I started to chew Pretty soon Ler's yellin Fish on Fish on I was just a little pup And it was derby day Was dad and me and Darrell Out in San...
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    4 dead in Bodega Bay, 32 foot boat capsizes returning from crabbing

    A 66 year old survived, 1 woman and 3 men dead. No life jackets were worn.
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    Arima Sea Chaser

    Wow, that's a nice Arima. Pretty cool to have a preview of your sea chaser!! Now I'm jealous and envious..
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    Arima Sea Chaser

    Great deal. I love those things. I don't know what the internal structure consists of. Do they have foam and wood that can rot? I haven't heard of that happening on Arimas. Just curious. I'd like to replace the windshield with a little forward leaning pilot house type of hard top, not unlike the...
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    Rebuilding a crummy 15 foot 70's tri hull for the NW Pacific

    I am sick and twisted, you are right. Of course, none of this stuff is high end. It's all pretty cheapo low end except for the Kenwood radio which is pretty high end ham radio grade, but all of it together makes a fun day out of it, especially in a boat that was made to tow an inner tube on a...
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    Rebuilding a crummy 15 foot 70's tri hull for the NW Pacific

    Ramsey doppler direction finder in operation.. When I am out in the ocean listening to people I know and don't know, the thought always momentarily crosses my mind "where is that guy?". This thing answers the question to a large degree because direction is everything, and distance from me is...
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    San Diego - How far does your VHF Broadcast? Can you reach SD from the 371?

    VHF is subject to various conditions that can make it hop long distances but not all that often. Maybe the following will explain some of those long hops we have heard but have trouble explaining why or making others believe it happened. When no "ducting" conditions exist, it is pretty much...
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    where's your handheld vhf?

    The gps is has full marine charts. The PLB Epirb is part of the top cross strap. It is an AOR unit with internal gps. The hand held is to be replaced with one that has DSC distress call capability with internal gps. That way I can eliminate the gps, but I might keep it in the jacket anyway. A...