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    Newport 11/23 sculpin central

    Looks like a relaxing day on the water. If your fishing for the sculpin and want to keep the dabs off your hook, just use the lead heads with plastic- no squid. The dabs will stay off your hook and the sculpins will be on it. Did I say a red lead head and a root beer grub? Yeah, that seems to...
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    What’s up with the windy app

    In case someone else has the same problem; The setting for the customized forecast was on “expert”. Which did not show the waves. I switched it to one that had the waves. Not sure how that got changed but all good now. Thanks for all the info.
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    What’s up with the windy app

    Thanks for the info. Imma get on and play with it again.
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    What’s up with the windy app

    That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve used this app quit a bit in the past without issue. Now it is different.
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    What’s up with the windy app

    Are you looking at the free app or did you subscribe to it? My free app that used to have the swell info doesn’t anymore. I don’t have the option to click on waves, but there is another option for swell height and duration, but it asks to subscribe. Just curious if everyone is subscribers. Seems...
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    What’s up with the windy app

    I haven’t been on the water in a while, so I haven’t checked the marine forecast. I’m thinking about heading out next weekend so I go to the windy app that I use and it’s not showing the swells and duration. Do you need to subscribe now to get that info? Has anyone else here notices this...
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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    Sorry for your loss Lal. Prayers sent for you, your family, and loved ones.
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    Recent Coronado's?

    Passed through Saturday. 5-7# bones on the trollers. Didn’t mark anything, but got jig strikes on those in the middle grounds. Triggers on the lee side of north island too.
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    The guy before you might’ve been scratching his nuts before he grabbed his credit card and put it in the same slot
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    8/22 nados and MR. WONG!

    FML I knew it! lee side of north island. I chummed it, and threw cult snipers and the 4/0. But had to move because it was a little too close to a fiver than I wanted to be.
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    Bitchin day at the Island

    That calico is huge! Thanks fort he report
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    San Pedro Sunday 8/23

    Looks like a good day to me. Thanks for the report
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    Congrats on the yellow. Good luck on the fuel problem. You’ll be on the water in no time.
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    8/22 nados and MR. WONG!

    My. Wong had me in stitches all day. Oh yeah, back to the report.... Got to pukey around 7:30 or 8 I think. Dropped on a spot right away and put some reds on the deck then went looking. Middle grounds and north island. The meter was blank for the most part. Went to the north side South Island...