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    Nados 5-24

    Sounds like my day yesterday, but is didn’t see bait up high. It was all 60-80 feet. Thanks for the report
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    Nados 5/23

    I’ll make it short. Launched at 4ish. Only 2 other boats at the ramp and two boats in front of us at the bait receiver. Left San Diego bay at 5ish. Bait was great, none rolled all day. It was petty lumpy out there so we averaged 12mph pointed towards Pukey point. Trolled Raps around north...
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    5/14 Cat 3 B's with a special Ghost

    Your first and a tanker. Congrats
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    Tips locating Rockfish

    Hey Doghouse. Ain’t that a cow cod?
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    Tips locating Rockfish

    Drop on what looks good. If you pick up a little guy, try another spot. Sometimes I’ve got big reds when I drifted off the structure. Once your on the spot that produced, zoom in on your GPS and reset your drift when it’s time. Sometimes the wind shifts and you have to watch which way your...
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    Coronado yellows!!

    Nice work. Thanks for the report.
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    Rpt.-2 day SCI ending 05-07-20

    Cory, if you couldn’t get them to go, they just weren’t there. Thanks for the report
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    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    There was a thread on here a while back, about kayaking where there is a lot of whites. The guys reply was that he painted the bottom of his kayak to look like an orca. Seems like a bullet proof plan.
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    FREE Wall mount Tackle tray holders

    No longer available
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    B52 bucktails anyone?

    Those are my go to for rockfishing. The 1/2 ounce blues catch everything on the bottom.
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    For Sale REDUCED. New Hard top mount 15-rod rack

    X2 Jake built these for me and I couldn’t be happier with them. It was a pleasure dealing with him too
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    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    This is a funny thread. I’ve had my moments at the ramp when I first started boating, so I usually help people when I can and cut them slack. But it’s still comical to see
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    Fishing Saturday please help

    If you launch from Newport make sure you stay between the buoys between the launch ramp and the PCH bridge. At low tide that water gets shallow outside of the buoys. And the buoys are hard to see in the dark. Also, be prepared for a 30 minute ride until you get out of the harbor. Like Rod rage...
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    4-22 Cat report

    Thanks for they report. Every report I read is giving me wood these days. The spring time yellows are calling.
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    Rock fishing in PV? You can look at the closures on the DFW website. Also, try the Fish Legal App. It’ll show your location while on the water, in relation to the closures. See the screenshot I took. But I took it from my couch.