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    My First Bluefin EVER!!!

    Congrats on your fish. Outstanding! Particular good to see you caught it on the Grande. The Grande, ex America, holds a special place with me. Serious sportfishing followed by a 40 year professional career on oceans and seas all over the world, for me it all really began on the America many...
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    Offshore My best season in 65 years

    Good thread. Thanks. Once got to watch the battleship Wisconsin enter SD Bay. A truly amazing and patriotic sight. What a beautiful ship and Her decks were lined with crew members dressed in their whites.
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    Offshore Oceanside 95 7/2-7/4/21 1.5 day

    Albacore really liked that boat. The New Salty Dog, now the O95, had 2 - 500 fish days, back in the day, when fishing out of Morro Bay. The hull is double planked Philippine mahogany. Believe it remains the biggest Ditmar Donaldson ever built.
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    Offshore Oceanside 95 7/2-7/4/21 1.5 day

    The O'95 (ex New Salty Dog) has always been a "very fishy" and a great riding vessel.
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    Inshore Limits of Local Scooter on Fortune 7/3

    Various SoCal species have been called the "perfect passenger" fish. The Pacific Barracuda has be one of the tops. They pull, but very catchable, they eat the iron and even dead bait. Minimal amount of chum is needed to keep them in the area.
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    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Years ago and prior to any Albacore appearing for that year, I got a call from my best friend Billy Miyagawa Sr, owner of Zukers. He asked if I'd be interested in going on an exploratory trip with Gary Black on the Conquest. Billy explained it would be just the crew, Billy and myself and a...
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    Islands 6-20 Catalina

    Catalina is an amazing fishery. The amount of pressure put on it over a whole lot of years, but it continues to produce.
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    Inshore New SoCal Fisherman/ 6-1-21 Fishing Report (Dana Point)

    A couple of 1/2 day trips out of Dana Point Sportfishing can be a great tutorial. Not to steal their fishing spots, but to learn some of the basics. I believe if you approach a crew member with your honest open attitude and ask them for advise they'll help you out. Simple stuff like bait...
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    Islands Coronados and 9Mile 5/12

    I was recently in Independence CA. Sorry to see the little town no longer has a grocery store. But, they do have a brand new Shoe City. WTF is up with that?
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    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    Tails typically get tattered from thrashing on the deck when they're brought on board. Try holding one above the water before bringing them on board. You'll likely find their tails untattered.
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    Inshore Holy flat fall Batman, these things really work!

    That 14 foot (14') Calico must have been a mofo!! Lol. Just kidding, looks like the flat fall is the real deal.
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    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    I found Albacore to get squirrelly as hell when they mixed with BFT. Albacore would be great for the SoCal fleet. But, I'd guarantee some would be complaining there were no 200# fish.
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    Offshore Half Day AM on the New Seaforth 4-6

    Caught my first salmon years ago off Ensenada/Todas Santos. I was throwing a blue & chrome Tady and catching a few barracuda. Then one of those "barracudas" jumped.
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    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    Top Gun 80 - Bob Taft. I've known Bob for many years. Nobody wants to catch fish more than him. Trust his expertise in fishing as well as his expertise in safety and weather. Morro Bay - different world. I ran boats up there for a few years. The Marauder, a 70' Seaway, and the New Salty Dog, a...