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    WTB Promar Ambush Hoop Nets

    Want to go for lobster but I’m on a tight budget at the moment. I was a little slow on the hoopnets that came up here this week so still looking for a set. Thanks.
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    SOLD promar ambush hoops

    Didn’t want to call too late so sent you a text. I’d really appreciate being able to get these from you. I live close by. Thanks.
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    For Sale 13 ft Livingston- New Tohatsu $5k obo

    This is a super clean rig. If it was in San Diego it’d go for way more. I love mine. Road trip!
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    Wednesday on the Mission Belle

    Do they have RSW on the Mission Belle?
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    WTB Promar Ambush Hoop Nets

    Preferably in the San Diego area. Let me know if you have some to sell. Thanks, Tom
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    SOLD Windshield and Bimini from Livingston Runabout

    University City is in San Diego near La Jolla. If you want to pick it up send me a PM and I’ll leave it outside the house for you.
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    I got a question on these two drain holes: There are two drain holes that come into each rear compartment. The largest one drains from the front wells through a pipe that is very easy to see from both sides. I think all Livingston’s had this one. There is another small drain hole lower in each...
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    There’s one one each side. They can be set to detect a one inch rise in water in the bilge or to do a sample draw every 2 minutes which would catch water sooner, or you can just turn them on manually. I have two switches up front, one for auto detect and one to turn on the pumps.
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    WTB 48" - 60" Kill Bag

    I got one that’s about the same size. I keep mine behind the bait tank.
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    I’m probably going to add a wind screen with a grab bar around it which would also serve as a leaning post when I’m on the bow. My motor starts easily with with one pull so I’m not worried about draining the battery. It’s also extremely unlikely that I would run out I’d juice I’m getting 10...
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    When it’s glassy I can stand there and fish. Plenty strong. But there’s nothing to hang onto so when it’s a little pitchy I stand by the wheel and cast.
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    Yes, the bait tank is screwed to a seaboard ‘saddle’, which is screwed to the floor. I changed the ways that’s setup a little this week and it seems super solid. Also added bilge pumps. Will grab a few new pics tomorrow. I think I’m ready for local tuna...