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  • Hey! Tried starting a convo with you about some help with Livi Flooring but it won’t allow me to. Send e a message if you see this.
    Hi there. New to this forum. I just posted looking for some help. Looks like you may be the guy that can help out. I noticed in one of your pics that you posted containing Livingston 14 drain holes. I was looking to get some info of location of these holes as I have been repairing some patch work by previous owner and I suspect these holes were patched over.
    How did the 90hp ride on the warrior? I’m on the fence about a 70 or a 90 four stroke
    I’m worried about the extra 100lbs.
    I just picked up a warrior with a cab.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated
    Sea Pickle

    I picked this boat up last Saturday
    The guy posted the build on BD

    the original brochure from Livingston
    Said max hp 105
    Recommended hp 50 to 80
    For the 155

    But I agree with you 70 seems a little light
    Hi Steinlager,

    I’m in the process of modifying my Livingston. I just picked up a 15.5 foot one with a 70hp Yamaha, 2019 engine, old boat. I have a few questions I would love to get answers to. If you are able to call or text me, I am near El Cajon, 619-325-9295. It would be great to be able to share info with another Livingston guy.
    hey I can pick up the windshield on sunday text me 714 829 0109 for some reason I cant pm you
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