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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Aaron was/is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE MOST qualified man on that trip to engage in such a battle, coupled with Mike McD and his unreal help and abilities, it was yet another epic "old man and the sea" tale for the Dan Gallagher Charter that will be logged in the books, and all of our memory banks!!!
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    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Great report!!! Thank you for "thinking about tomorrow" and C & R fishing!!!
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    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    You've gotta have a big pair to shoot that beast!!
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    65# Bluefin Tuna 5-30-2015

    Kick-ass!!! Congrats!!!
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    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 day July 21-22

    Bravo!! Great report, congrats on a beauty of a BFT!!!
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    Maryland state record wahoo 131 pounds

    Hell yeah HON!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
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    Catalina Tuna and Yellows - 7/20

    Nice job! Great report. Thank you.
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    Right on, kick ass report with kick ass results!!! Well Done and well written!! Thank you!!
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    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Such a great read!!! A truly fantastic report, which was very well written indeed, as all of the others have mentioned. Thank you for sharing all of that valuable info and congratulations on a super trip!!