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    Hayward Ultra Pool Sweep

    The sweep works well. It was replaced when the pool was redone. Included is 36’ of hose, and suction pressure gauge for installation. Asking $70 PM me if interested joe
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    Cooling System Parts - 2003-2007 Dodge Ram w/5.9

    I recently replaced these cooling system parts on my 2006 Ram with Cummins 5.9 l Diesel. This was preventive maintenance at approx 106,500 original miles. There was no malfunction of the parts. They are original Dodge and Cummins parts. The bearings are solid (no free play). Included are water...
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    Drone - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

    SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Drone ( advanced model) Included in the sale is the drone, as shown in the photo, 1 battery, extra props, prop protectors, charger, controller, and camera. The drone will be in the original box - instructions included. It has seen little use. The battery appears be in very...
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    Braid or mono top shot

    I agree almost totally...something I may be missing. Had to think about reel rolling but think it keeps the tiptop guide ring appropriate to the fish. In reality you have a crew member helping with the rod sliding on the rail so the crew guy should do that. Good job Jim. Great to hear/see you on...
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    I’ve used the Mustad 94151 hooks on ss wire where the damned leader comes back spiraled and fucked up. Makes it easy to toss the leader less removing the ss ring. I’ve had some seriously bent with fish mysteriously lost. As of now, I use Trokar J hooks in 2/0 and 3/0 sizes and use titanium wire...
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    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    That’s what life is all! That was an awesome video! Your son gets a big atta-boy for his performance before the camera. Dad gets an atta-dad for raising such a delightful son!
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    Pac Bay Wrapper/ Dryer Motor Question

    Call Squidco...619-222-8955. they have sold them for years and should be able to shed some light. Ask for Joey. They carry parts for the PAC Bay. Joe
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    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    Dolphin Motel Update I just left the San Diego Sportfishing Assoc. landing and took a couple of photos of the construction and progress of the new hotel. it appears that the hotel is affiliated with Hilton. A google search will probably give a ton of information although I’m not sure of...
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    Mario's Fish Processing Help

    Call Sportsman’s Seafood around 10am most days. The restaurant won’t be open but Pancho or Manny should answer. 619-224-3551. If it doesn’t work, PM me. I’m not affiliated with them business wise. Joe
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    Gone xx

    Come get them
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    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Sold. Thanks Hector.
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    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Price reduced to $50
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    Gone xx

    Still available...