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    Hi there...I think you contacted me via eBay about the AVET 50. I thought I recognized the...

    Hi there...I think you contacted me via eBay about the AVET 50. I thought I recognized the screen name fyermn from BD. If you would like to chat about it, give me a call at 619-823-9910. Joe
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

    American Angler - Jan 2008 16 day. This was a Ken’s trip with both Sam Patella and Brian Kiyohara on board, backed up by Bill Cavanaugh and Ray Lopez, and the rest of the AA crew. A blissful trip... and Turtle Bay Sea Bass on the way home.
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    WTB Flying Gaff

    Sending you a PM
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    WTB Flying Gaff

    I have one but am in San Diego. If SD is doable, I’ll send a photo and details. I’d like to sell it and will make the price very reasonable. Joe
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    So, I went fishing again...

    Funny Kevin...Steve stayed at our house Monday night and he took 3 of my #1 Hayabusa hooks. Your recommendation worked well for me. Good recommendation there!
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    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Spinning rod...just turn the rod over and use the rail. Not my cup of tea, but it works. Then have fun when you get the business from the never, never guys. At 73, I refuse to give in. Neuropathy, heart failure, and other ailments won’t stop me, but I faithfully use the rail and my go to guys...
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I’m with you Kerry! So sad that this has happened to such an energetic and ambitious young man. Keeping the faith that this works out for him, as many others are...pulling for him.
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Got messages from Jim’s wife midday. Wonderful news , and I quote, “I got to peek in, for just a quick minute. The nurse assures me he should wake up just fine!” Hope he has a dream of being hooked to a big one. Get well OUR very special friend!
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    So, I’m going fishing

    Steve will be after this Tail’s big brother.
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    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    Bump for a very nice truck
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    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    Send a PM with phone number or email for contact. Thanks, Joe
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    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    Still have it. It has been in the family for 25 years and has been a great utility truck and economical transportation backup as well.
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    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    Bump for a price reduction.