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    Waianae June 7

    Damn that's a monster ahi.
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    Waianae - 6/04/2015

    Way to stick to the plan! It definitely paid off, good going.
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    Lahaina Harbor Grander

    The Jun Ken Po landed a 1058 lb blue marlin on Memorial Day. Captains Chris Cole and Jay Rifkin raised their fish on the 200 fathom ledge off Manele Bay, Lanai. Chris saw the marlin shadowing his short corner purple soft head. The massive fish displaced lots of water, creating a wave that caused...
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    Kauai Charter

    Nice! Sounds like a great trip.
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - March wrap-up.

    Agreed! Thanks for the report.
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    Ihu Nui Grander

    Awesome! Congrats to those guys.
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    Kaneohe 2/8

    Nice catch.
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    Fishing Report Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii 2/1/15

    Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. So far in 2015 the fishing has not been red hot. We’ve been working hard and trying different things in order to catch some fish. Here’s what our efforts have been producing. The plan was to target trevally early then go trolling for billfish. It’s...
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    11-30-14 Rudy and Mike.

    Nice job Pat, it's good to see that you're still slaying the fish.
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    Late report

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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Nov. wrap-up.

    Thanks for the report and good going on your nice marlin.
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    Bottomfishing and some tiger footage

    Cool video, thanks for sharing.
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    Kaneohe side fishing Sunday

    Nice job, what an epic day!
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    CC FAD

    I haven't been to CC in a month either, but the buoy was there last time I checked. Jonny
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    Caught fish and kept the big ones too...

    Adam, Thanks for posting such a nice report. Having you guys on the boat was a pleasure. We look forward to fishing with you again. Jonny