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    Anyone in SoCal make custom shades?

    These guys are on the cheaper end (made in China) but mine still looks good after 3 seasons). Mostly used at anchor - it would be hard to fish around. The alternatives were 4-5x the price
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    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    If you're new, use epoxy for the longer working time - 30-45 minutes with standard hardener. You can get slow hardener and extend that even more. I do use poly sometimes but with a 5-10 minute working time, you have to have everything ready and choreographed so you can move quick.
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    Boat registration at AAA?

    AAA Del Mar Heights did my VIN verification for me on my out of state trailer
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    Which compass and where to mount it?

    I find it odd that this wasn't planned for in advance by the builder. Has anyone tried steering a compass course based on a compass that's not lined up on the centerline wheel? It's a pain in the rear! I'd vote #3 if that's the best option.
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    Orange County Boat Assessment - Yearly Property Tax

    I've always heard it was $5,000 I've never paid more than that for a boat so I've never paid it. My cousin bought a bass boat years ago for $15,000 and he still pays it.
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    time to expand?

    I'm one that thinks 10' or just under is the best thing you can do in a trailerable boat. I'd rather tow 28'x 10' than 35' x 8' (hypothetically, the same square feet, 28 x 10 = 280 = 35 x 8).
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    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    I just looked at gas buddy - Costco is still the cheapest. I've gotten ice at Smart & Final on Edinger - big, easy parking lot with the boat
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    Pilothouse mounted navigation lights??

    To be compliant (not that everyone is or the authorities will ever give you a hard time for it) you need your all around white light 1 meter above your red & green. Tom and Laurence are pretty close to spot on when you add in the height of radar pedestal and the pole for the light. If you're...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Pictures from today are severely lacking on this thread
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    Fill up at Costco when you get off the freeway.

    Fill up at Costco when you get off the freeway.
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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    Pink flamingos work too:
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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    At 23 ft., you'll be on the first row - we just use inflatable paddleboard as they are much easier to stow!
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    Get your cigars out! New boat needing marketing team

    ...and you thought the brand was dead
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    Stainless Steal Fabrication in Ventura

    Just don't let Van touch the boat itself - he scratched the crap out of my brand new gel coat job. EDIT: The stainless part of the job was good and to spec. He's a good fabricator.
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    Researching new boat build

    Everyone was mentioning mapping earlier in this thread: Furuno updated the software in the TZT3 so that you anything outside of a TZT3 MFDand the DFF3D setup.