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    Need Service on 34' Motorhome North SD County Only

    Under 34K mileage. Bringing it down to Carlsbad from San Juan Capistrano . Want to make sure its dependable. Want to make sure all systems are a go. Let me know.
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    Ruger Bx- Trigger For 10/22 Rifles

    What's a decent scope to put on a 10/22?
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    All Coast Website???

    I used to like the Farm Animal reports.
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    The Best Fish & Chips In North County SD?

    Koko Beach in Carlsbad. Corner of PCH and Grand.
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    The Dirty 10-Letter Word

    Flawed. That's 12 letters.
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    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Orcas will take out a GWS. Saw it on interweb thingy so its got to be true.
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    What caliber next???

    30odd6. Good shooter and ammo available at your local WalMart.
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    Must watch!! Top Water Yellowfin Tuna Video!!

    I might have to spring for a grinder for the BFT this year.
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    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    I like 30 lb. Bluefin. 60+ lbs. hurt me.
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    Q 105 Looking Home Sick

    She looked worse at the dock in SD with the bilge pumps running 24/7. At least she has a new life. Fished her many times. Great platform.
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    EZ Loader Aluminum trailers or ???

    Check with the local boat insurers. Boats sink, catch fire, etc. The insurance companies are left with the trailers. Might be worth a call.
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    Congratulations team I'm Off

    Baby Killer!
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    Shoulda been a cowboy

    I wouldn't be able to hit shit with that thing. Good job.
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    Ever lost your keys?

    Keep an ignition key in the vehicle. AAA will make you a credit card entry key free of charge.