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    Offshore 7/3 south of Coronados

    Simply amazing… You’ve got a fishing buddy for life!
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    Izor+Horseshoe Help

    Sardines for Halibut. Squid for everything else. Always good to have a few small mackerel in the tank😉
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    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17

    Great report! Is that a Scad mackerel? Or a super sized Spanish Mac?
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    Offshore Game Changer 5/14-17

    Well written! It’s called fishing not catching for a reason. You’ll get em good next time.🤙🏽
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    Islands Not a midshipman...

    How did it taste?😆
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    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Man the slider Roy Rose had on that rig was huge!😆
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    I’d eat that fucker!

    I’d eat that fucker!
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    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    Hell, early January drifting for Halibut around the Horseshoe, damn Barries kept stealing our rigs on the bottom!😂
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    I have a theory...

    Mattfred1414, How did it go?
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    I have a theory...

    Tomorrow, Buzzcatcher local, LB, let’s see what happens. Mid March grunion run should pull em into the shallows...
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    Izors Friday 2/26

    That Simrad is, well, Rad!!!!!:p
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    I have a theory...

    I like theories when it comes to Halibut! Butts are always in the bays...the water is always warmer. I don’t believe they give a crap about warmer weather, it’s about a rise in water temperature they respond to. Once the water temp jumps, they’re going to start thinking of spawning and looking...
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    CIH Dabbin'

    It’s a tough call on the octopus. I used to eat em, one of my favorites. Then I started seeing them while diving in Hawaii. Their intelligence and inquisitive behavior heavily affected my psyche. I just can’t kill them anymore. Not that I hold offense to others that do. I mean, it’s an amazing...