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    post your Black Friday deals

    need a tranx 500....
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    50lb Braided line suggestions

    pro spec
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    Navionics Resolution

    you also need to download the relief shading to your card for the area that you fish. once you download it will be high res on the mfd.
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    Anyone have a NEMA 2000 cord?

    have a few nmea drop cables. various lengths pay shipping and i’ll send it to you
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    Rod for tranx 400

    gp90 mega or ce 90 monster
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    Surface and Yo-yo’s

    jri’s new tady 4/0 swim well
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    DW-1s uploaded

    got my dw fix! thanks for the fast shipping
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    DW-1s uploaded

    couldnt resist!
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    pet peeve: stickers on jigs

    denatured alcohol. or white latern fuel
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    @raplh hammond, where did you get the blk/grey “united composites” decal??!!
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    costco last time I bought ice is was 10#/$1 north gate is a bit more. have yet to try but hear arby’s and burger king will sell you ice
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    Taco Run

    what’s your descender rig set up an inverted siwash hook?
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    Lame ass excuse not to fish

    yeah yeah.... lmao hurts so much
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    Looking to get into rod building...

    start small. I bought a hand wonder and a power wrapper. about 75% of the time I use the power wrapper as a hand wrapper for all your inlays and detail work.