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    How is the mac situation at nachos?

    wet cat food with the pop lid, use the lid to flick the cat food.
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

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    Acid Wrapped United Composites CX76 Deviant

    matte grey seat is awesome.
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    Sunday 9/6 PV to Horseshoe

    what are you using as a descending rig? upside down siwash hook?
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    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    I use my curado k in salt. it doesn’t have the same water resistance as the tranx, typical bearing under the shaft gets corroded. other than the one bearing it’s held up pretty good in the salt.
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    cross wrapping tips/ critique

    after seeing arts of work I finally figured out and dove into my 1st attempt at cross wrap. used a dowel, laid out the necessary/ unnecessary marks and started. I need remember to stop and pack threads every 5 or so to keep the line straight. didn’t quite come out straight, 1st time i’ll take...
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    Tiburon clamp issue...

    can grind/belt sander the shimano clamp in the contact areas... for the money you shouldn’t have too...
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    Small surface iron rod. What do you use?

    tranx 300 gusa us80mag slings snipers 35-80 well tranx 400/ ce 900 monster “light/small” jig. tady AA light, 4/0 light dw-1 trini 16/ ce 900 delmar larger surface 45’s.7x etc
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    if anyone is looking there are some dw-1s at fisherman’s access. I picked up a few for a pal and myself.
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    Rockfish Tag Report

    what was the “reward”? cool to have info
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    For Sale Uc gusa cousins blanks

    thanks for the gusa and cousin blanks! easy straight forward transaction
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    For Sale Uc gusa cousins blanks

    text sent for the gusa, and cousin 703
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    CX76 Viper for Fran

    love the matte grey ano real seat!! always coming out with nice color combos. thanks for all the inspiration!
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    ill take it where do i send paypal?? lol j/k
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    Rule vs Kodiak Transom Mount Pump

    fill the holes and use a “stern saver”