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    What knot to use for tying hook onto 100# or 130# flouro?

    Yes I have the same one Fishy posted. Works great. And you don't even notice it in your pocket.
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    Thread burner

    Looks like a battery powered solder iron to me. If that will save you any money. I think we get them for $19.99 at work but I don't have a link.
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    What knot to use for tying hook onto 100# or 130# flouro?

    I thought the Tesla lighter that was out a few years ago did a real good job of flaring the tag without a "flame".
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    Pacifico Beer colors.
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    To tie or crimp titanium leader wire

    I brought the knot 2 kinky a few years back when it was very new at the advice of the charter Master. "You won't need sleeves, I'm going to show you a couple of really good knots that the developer taught me" he said. So the first day on the ride down "hey teach us those knots for the K2K wire"...
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    Shipping fish long distances

    Not really necessary. Just try to choose the closest size cooler box that will hold your fish with as little empty space left as possible. The air space is what hurts you.
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    Boat Independence New Engines

    Hopefully they have done something to fix that sweatshop known as Room M. Great boat. Great ride. Great layout inside and out. Would never fish it again without a reassurance I would not be in room M.
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    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    I have 3 of them all with 65# braid and on various rods. I think my favorite is a US80-tilefish though. Such a versatile outfit.
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    Black Friday heads up

    Merry Christmas David. Haven't been frequenting this board much lately.
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    Black Friday heads up

    Not to stir the pot, but I called Okuma last week for a status on that exact reel (15t in matte black - to match a rod I want to have built before I order it) and Okuma said no problem, they have it in stock.
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    OKUMA SEa Black Friday Blow out.

    Ridiculous prices. I like that gunmetal, hope the new one doesn't suck.
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    Line to leader system?

    Still with that EC penis envy after all this time? Whatever happened to you must have really hurt.
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    Line to leader system?

    Not to mention Tim has spent more days long range ON THE WATER than most people have spent pounding their keyboards on bdoutdoors. When Tim talks I listen.
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    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    I know one of the ones I look up to - wahoodad - is right handed, rod under the right arm.