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    GRAFTECH RODS-AVET REELS 16 day Indy ... March 28 - April 13

    soda/what does your gear lineup look like?
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    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    a couple of thoughts,of what I have seen /. learned//heard? if you. can catch fish on the 3/4day. boat/you can catch them anywhere I have heard many hot stick. talk. about sliding the hook between the scales I have seen flip the spool. as. he does a. super long underhand cast...
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    Wahoo trolling reel braid/mono suggestions

    my fingers have a hard time keeping up with my brain
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    Wahoo trolling reel braid/mono suggestions

    I like a cal sheets 80 with high gear 49inchesandlow 1-1/ifyoudo notgetbityoucan jidyourrigbaginhigh/or ifyougetbit you can go into low . no matter what you hook
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    My Break-It Machine

    I start early and try to break everythingiwould take on big trip before get on theboat and break it there. then I have it all repaired and upgraded
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    Cow rigs

    if I were going to start all over with my gear/I would start out with all topless /50reels.then I would have all of them souped up by call sheets/including the mask. my first choice would be a black Mac 50. it come with max free spool and drag and the granny can fit sardines with that...
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    Cow rigs

    I alwaysnlike to have a plan when I go on a trip/the length of the trip will dictate the dynamics of my plan.if I just want to go fishing I can go an any length of trip and the number of days will dictate the gear I will take.and I just take my favorite stuff.if I am short anything based upon...
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    Gear for 15 day trip

    the grabowki formula/2 80s/6 50s and screw thewahoo/he onlywantedcows and supers/what you want to do will dictate your gear/also renting gear from theboat is a good formula for starting out
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    Trolling reel question.

    that is like asking which kind of knife can I use to skin a deer with and or fight a bear with
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    Need help matching rods and reels- Starting my Long Range Adventure

    you have a lo of catching up o do
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    What to leave home?

    are you going fishing or hunting for cows and super cows?that will answer your question
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    spirit of adventure 7day/7-22

    very nice boat/great boat, great crew and captain, very friendly and willing to help and engage. not burned out.great group o fingers,limited load 17. turned the corner for the rocks and the ridge on a full moon.we di a lot of driving . it was a great opportunity to get away and play with my...
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    Ever lose a three hundred pounder

    that is really good advice tooooo
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    Ever lose a three hundred pounder

    your connections are the weak link with supers/you neverrrrr want anyone doing your connections for you. they are not emotionally involved with the process and will never pay the attention to detail necessary to land supers/learn how to do it for be heart broken
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    Spirit 4 day

    should we bring a designated kit rod?