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    OPAH!!!!! Aztec Sportfishing 2-day 7/16-7/18 Epic trip! Pic Heavy

    The most fun trip I've been on in along time, in large part to the group we were fishing with, and I mean the anglers. Everyone got along great and I could really feel the comradery amongst the group, it's one reason I really like fishing sportboats, fishing with a good group is a lot of fun. We...
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    Mexico bluefin limit?

    Mexican Boats can currently possess 2 fish per angler, US; Long Range Boats, Overnight Boats, and Private boats may not take or possess BFT in Mexican Waters. I believe in a few weeks it will be resolved, kinda, but not as soon as I would like. I think, that a few select boats will get some sort...
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    Bloodydecks Sponsored Aztec Trip A Success

    A great group of anglers, it was a pleasure to be aboard helping out.
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    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Currently 250nm W. of SoCal's Coast, moving N. No albacore in our local offshore waters this year.
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    Congrats to all on an excellent trip!
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    DP ghost 3/24

    If life gives you lemons................. Well done on the Lemonade!
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    BoLA Jurel part II

    Well Done!
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    Malihini 3/18

    The Ole' Magic-Weenie (Malihini) Sorry about the seal's.
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    And to reiterate, I apologize for my previous snide comments, everyone on BD who has fished with me knows that is not how I act on board trips. "Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture, you can change a person’s life"
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    There are still some people that remember back in the mid 80's when Sardines were nonexistent, zero, straight chovy from the receivers. Could you imagine doing a multi day trip with nothing but chovies? Five day, Eight days, Ten days, and even up to a 15 day trip to Clipperton, (see the Bill...
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Enough said......
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Well, I'm gonna have to apologize for my comment, "#3) quit being such a whinny bitch, it's got to be embarrassing, grow a pair and quit complaining" it is bad behavior and I don't condone it while on the boats, I don't treat people that way and I don't appreciate others treating people this...
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    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Accurate Fishing Products, Racking up Sharky Beauties & Fresh Tuna for over 22 years!