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    Replacing guides on a Dave Bell wrapped rod

    Once changed, your Dave Bell value for the rod is gone.
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    For Sale boston whaler parts

    I'm interested in the railing. PM sent.
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    Black Truline rod

    How long is this rod? VBG stands for Very Big Game. Nice fishing rods but not a ton of collector value. If it's 7 feet it would be a VBG7, if it were 6.5 feet it would be a VBG65 etc. Not as many black ones as other colors, so it's a little more rare. It's not worth a ton of money either way.
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    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    I've got one also. PM me if interested.
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    For Sale All sold.,.,

    Nice D8 Jay. Surprised this one hasn’t moved.
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    WTB I Stoped Looking !

    It’s over 8ft and fishes at least 40!
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    SOLD Truline XR7 7ft Red Glass

    Jiggyn where are you? This is your chance.
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    Who Am I? Fishing Rod Edition.

    How big are the tips on these rods Mike? That's a lot of glass and if they are thin tipped could be cool sticks. Nice Butt shots, now let's see the tip shots.
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    Truline bg 8e

    I have been told that E stood for Experimental on some of the Truline numbers. Interesting find. Is it a full 8 feet long or is it shorter?
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    WTB Roddy BR 80/100 and power master rods

    Very cool sounding rod. How about a pic of the butt to see how much glass you are talking about. I have an interesting Roddy also. Rootbeer glass 12' long, must be a piped BR 100. Has original cork and reel seat. Couldn't be too many of these around either. Anybody know anything else...
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    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    Maybe Moon will chime in on speed tips. He is the fade king. Nicely done BTW.
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    WTB Lamiglas 528 and 529

    These have a cult following and are probably harder to find than a D8 so the cost is justified.